Ricardel barely survived for seven months as deputy national security advisor, before the first lady requested her dismissal because she was "not worthy of serving in the White House".

Melania Trump and Mira Ricardel

(Newswire.net— November 16, 2018) — The long promised White House “cleaning” has allegedly begun by asking Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel to pack up and go, the WSJ reports.

Mira Ricardel who was ‘given time to clean up her desk,’ allegedly clashed with the First Lady which made her a persona non grata. The truth is that Ricardel gained lots of enemies in a short time because of her character and not due to the conflict with Melania Trump.

In her few months in the White House, Ricardel managed to create a long list of enemies, and one source who is familiar with the situation said “Mira’s departure is partly the result of her intimidation of an assistant above and below her.”

It is believed that Ricardel conflicted with other White House officials including Defense Minister James Matisse. Sources say she liked to make negative comments about individuals, spreading rumors and lobbying against them. Ricardel barely survived for seven months as deputy national security adviser, and then the first lady requested her dismissal because she was “not worthy of serving in the White House”.

Who is Mira Ricardel?

Mira Radielovic, a Croat originating from Bosnia, is the daughter of Petar Radijelovic, a well-known supporter of the Ustashe, a Nazi movement in Croatia during WWII.  Petar Radijelovic said several times that Adolf Hitler’s Croatian ally, leader Ante Pavelic was “the greatest man in the history of Croatia” and in 1985 he was one of the most vocal defense attorneys of Andrija Artukovic, also known as the “Balkan Himmler”, at his trial in Los Angeles. Artukovic is known for his support of death camps during WWII as well as supporting the killing of all Jews “including their children, so that their beasts do not even have their seed left.”

Mira’s granddad was an Ustasha regime officer during WWII and a great supporter of ‘pure’ Croatia ‘cleansed’ of all no-Croats, especially Serbs, Gypsies and Jews.

In March 1993, the US Congress investigator in the Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy magazine said that the Croatian lobby spent more than $50 million in Capitol Hill in less than two years, and that Mira Radielovic, then Barata , today Ricardel was a spearhead of the lobbying against Serbs in wars that tore apart Yugoslavia making Croatia an independent state. This is the same war from which Slovenia, the native country of Melania Trump also gained independence. Slovenia, however, unlike Croatia never supported Nazi Germany. Today, neighboring Slovenia and Croatia are members of the European Union but still have disputes and animosities. The white supremacy Ustasha movement is still strong in Croatia greatly supported by its government. While the EU turns a blind eye to the rise of ultra-nationalism in Croatia, Slovenia whose people suffered in the WWII is not that forgiving.

Mira Ricardel, allegedly lobbied for the destruction of Yugoslavia long before the war started in 1991. Officials were told to support Croatia’s independence initiative in exchange for large funds, otherwise those huge amounts of money “would be given to their opponents in the Congress,” an unnamed investigator said at the time, adding that all this happened quite a bit before Croatia openly expressed its aspirations to gain independence.

These claims appeared in the Wall Street Journal on November 9, 2009, in a release for the United States.


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