Casablanca is about to be re-born with the opening of a new city-center known as Victoria City, due for completion in June of 2018.


( — January 12, 2018) —  There can be no doubt that the city of Casablanca is one of the most important cities in Africa. Being one of the largest financial centers found on the large continent, there is a lot of responsibility on this city’s shoulders. Despite this, however, the city itself is sparsely populated and isn’t ranked particularly high when compared with tourist hotspot lists around the world.

If Casablanca is to thrive, it needs a competent commercial center and an active community which it currently lacks. That is set to change however, as the construction of one of its brand-new cities, known as Victoria City, is set to finish in June of 2018.

What is Victoria City?

Victoria City is a place inspired by ultra-modern cities where people of many different social classes are able to live together in harmony and help improve overall development. Being able to attend the same schools, as well as partake in the same cultural activities is something that many developing areas strive to achieve, and Victoria City is no exception. It knows exactly what it wants and needs to thrive, and construction has been going on since 2014.

How will Victoria City change Morocco?

It isn’t just going to act as a socio-economic utopia for its residents, as the goal of Victoria City is two-fold. Aside from being able to act as the perfect location for its residents, Victoria City also strives to be the perfect investment opportunity. This means that real estate developers as well as different commercial brands are more than welcome to stake their claims, which can only help Casablanca and Morocco as a whole develop.

Evolving with the times

There are enough wonderful examples of cities around the world which have achieved what Victoria City is planning to achieve, which is why the people behind this ground-breaking project know that it is going to succeed. Spearheaded by individuals like Mazen Al Sawwaf, a Saudi Arabian businessman who, just like his peers, knows exactly what Morocco needs to thrive, it just goes to show that if you have a clear vision about what you want and are willing to work hard to achieve your goals, projects such as Victoria City can become a reality.

To conclude, it’s easy to see why Victoria City is set to change Morocco for the better. It wants to be a socio-economic center that can also be a very lucrative project for anyone looking for solid real-estate investments. With its completion date fast approaching and with businesses already starting to blossom, it is certainly looking like Victoria City is in very good hands.