The Bridge Paradigm is a new book by Valerie Christopher. The book's subtitle is "A Spiritual Path to Un-Fooling Ourselves and Social Responsibility".

The Bridge Paradigm

( — August 28, 2015) — For as far back as author and consultant Valerie Christopher can remember, the efforts presented by individuals who inspire and empower others as a result of their goal to improve unfavorable, unsatisfactory or unfair conditions by virtue of their community, business, education and environmental involvement, has deeply uplifted her.

“Recognizing the majority of these people (of any age) never expect to be noticed intensifies my gratitude,” says Christopher. “People see something that they know they have the power to change or improve upon and they choose to do something about it. Sometimes they do it alone.  And sometimes it takes a group or their community. Not only are our proactive efforts self-fortifying, they embolden others. That is how positive change takes place and carries on.”

In The Bridge Paradigm: A Spiritual Path to Un-Fooling Ourselves and Social Responsibility, author Valerie Christopher thoughtfully puts forth steps towards self-examination so that we are better poised to be effective agents of change in a manner that maintains its viability. In addition, she describes various scenarios, and countless insidious circumstances and state of affairs that are too often overlooked or discounted.

“We see so many things right before our eyes and walk around or past them because they have become part of the everyday landscape. Some people just chalk it up as normal or common” Christopher explains.

In her book she discusses why it is essential for us to determine what kinds of common things are hurting us, and why they should not be considered normal.   

We have heard the saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a community to remind us what we learned from our villages.

The Bridge Paradigm is available now through all of the main booksellers and from her website:

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 246 pages | Also Available in E-books

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About the Author:

Valerie Christopher is an author and consultant.  Having worked as an educator, she has taught cultural-studies courses and written educational materials on various topics. Her academic focus is in education and health science. In her spare time she enjoys indulging in geology and art.