Experts agree mobile phones are literally hiding the secrets of our marriages, not only the in content but also the way we our phones.

Man holding a phone
Experts: The way we use the phone can tell much about our marriage.

(— December 30, 2017) –Can the way we use our smartphones reveal how our marriage is holding up? According to experts it can.

More precisely, our habits of using mobile phones and the content we store can reveal the state of our marriage or relationship. According to author Dave Willis here are the three things your phone reveals about your marriage:

1. How often we call or text our partner shows whether our marriage is a priority to us.

Regardless of the nature of their jobs, the strongest couples always find ways to communicate with each other during the day, even when their schedule is too crowded. Even short interactions help couples to foster connectivity, and experts warn that everyday communication is necessary for a quality marriage or relationship. One who has time to catch Pokemon or track the latest news on the internet, should have time to communicate with their partner, if there is a genuine need.

2. Hiding a mobile phone indicates a lack of honesty and trust in the marriage.

If our partner is secretive and always keeps their mobile phone away from us, they are not letting us get close and if they are nervous when that happens – beware! Hiding a phone probably means there is something that is not meant for you to see.

There is no other explanation for this phenomenon. This does not necessarily mean that it is a matter of adultery or another person in your partner’s life but statistically speaking that is most often the case.

Mysterious behavior, however, may also suggest a serious lack of trust that can arise from various trauma and unresolved issues.

3. Photographs are often proof of whether we are present in our marriage.

Some people completely avoid saving private photos on a mobile phone. In this case, it is quite normal for them not to have a photograph of their partner or spouse. However, if our partner has several folders with photographs of their friends and other family members on their mobile, and among them there is no place for our photos – something is wrong.