There has been an unending hullabaloo about President Trump’s assumption of the political office with the help of some external friends.

 Painting Saga
Rybolovlev’s collection of the Salvator Mundi

( — April 3, 2019) — There has been an unending hullabaloo about President Trump’s assumption of the political office with the help of some external friends. Several issues have been raised and put to bed –because of the lack of substantial evidence upon investigations. The popular claim goes that some Russian oligarchs helped the President to attain his office. There was no concrete proof against this, too, until recently when Dmitry Rybolovlev surfaces as a link to the President and a some of the latter’s acquaintances.

Dmitry Rybolovlev is an art enthusiast and collector. He had purchased the Salvator Mundi, Leonardo Da Vinci’s last art painting at an outrageous price of US$ 127 million beyond the valued US$ 80 million. He recently sold the same artwork to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The Saudi Arabian prince and Abu Dhabi’s prince, Mohammed bin Zayed (MbZ)  were said to have had secret meetings with President Trump and two other persons, prior to the election, about how they could set up campaigns for him on News websites and across about 5000 fake social media accounts. This same people, the princes, were the two most competitive bidders who went above US$ 80 million in no time, to purchase the Rybolovlev’s collection of the Salvator Mundi. The duo negotiated the piece competitively, up to US$ 450 million as the last bidder’s price given by the prince of Saudi Arabia. As a result, Leonardo Da Vinci’s recreated ‘Salvator Mundi’ stands to be the most expensive painting in the world.

Away from the art focus, what aroused suspicion was the fact that the art piece was meant to be auctioned in September, this year and the painting is nowhere to be found. The political link gradually emanates about how the two princes who had a meeting with the United States President ended up being the ones bidding for Dmitry Ryblovlev’s outrageously price-tagged art. It apparently revealed Mohammed bin Salman as an art novice.

Prior to the auction where the Saudi Arabian prince got the art, some years back, Dmitry Ryblovlev was known to have helped Donald Trump get out of bankruptcy in the past. Dmitry had bought Trump’s Palm Beach house, in 2006, at about US$ 95 million, while Trump had bought it for $47 million four years earlier. Dmitry’s purchase was only a means to help Trump out of his financial crisis.

Tracing the either end of this line leads to the fact that Mr. Trump and Mr. Dmitry are acquaintances, and this connects to a greater link of the president with a circle of other Russians. Other than artworks, Dmitry Rybolovlev has political influence over his home country and beyond. Hence, his influence

The implication of these findings as led by the most expensive painting in the world would mean that the President is connected to Russian oligarchs among others that met with him and the fact that those people are possibly involved in money laundering. A conspiracy theory becomes open, showing a mistrust of political leaders and other institutions who cared about power more than they do for people.