Senator Richard Black claimed that Syrian President Bashar is trying to defend Christianity and if Damascus falls, it would pave the way for radical Islam into the Europe.

Richard Black
Virginia State Senator Richard Black: “We have never done anything more loathsome or despicable than what we’re doing in Syria” Photo: Interview with Jeffrey Steinberg (6 MAY 2016)

(— September 11, 2018) — Virginia State Senator Richard Black has claimed UK intelligence was planning a chemical attack in Syria, which they would then blame on the Syrian government, Russia Today reports.

The US Senator said that the US authorities have known this for a month and yet are prepared to play along.

“Around four weeks ago, we knew that British intelligence was working towards a chemical attack in order to blame the Syrian government, to hold Syria responsible,” Black said on the Beirut-based Al Mayadeen news channel.

The US Senator Black confirms Moscow’s claims that the UK is planning to use White Helmets, a spy cover organization to orchestrate the event. “The plan is to use the White Helmets who have always been involved in these notorious deceptions, to portray an attack.”

The US Senator, who thanked the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad last year to protect the remaining Christians in that country, expressed concern over the fate of Damascus, the Middle East and Europe.

“If Damascus falls, the scary black and white flags of the Islamic state will flaunt Syria,” Black said, adding that after a few months “Jordan and Lebanon would fall”, and that the next goal of the self-proclaimed Islamic state would be Europe.

“I view Syria as a center of gravity (…) of Western civilization. If it falls, we will see the very rapid progress of Islam on Europe” said Black, who served in the US Navy and was a military prosecutor until the Senate election.

RT transmits data from the Syrian Center for Political Research, claiming that six percent of the Syrian population has been killed or wounded in a war that entered its fifth year. More than five million have fled, while internally displaced people account for 40 percent of the remaining population of 17.65 million.

The Syrian government claims victory as it is planning to attack the last stronghold of rebel forces in the city of Idlib. However, Senator Black claims the UK is planning a turnover by provoking the attack that would ensure military intervention that will help rebels to overturn Assad.

This is the same scenario that was used in the Serbian province of Kosovo largely populated by Albanian Islamists. After false reports on a humanitarian crisis heavily backed by mainstream media and a lie that people of Kosovo voted for independence at the referendum (such a referendum never happened), the US led coalition launched air strikes on both military and civil infrastructure all over Serbia. Senator Black admitted the attacks on Kosovo and forcing its independence by backing jihadist military KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) which was once blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the CIA, resulted in the disappearance of Christians from that region.

“If we look at the history of American interference from the first war in Iraq, it is central that in each case different countries are “cleared of Christians,” the senator said, claiming that Christians who lived in Kosovo for over a thousand years disappeared, completely destroyed.”

Meeting with the Syrian President Assad for the second time, Senator Black has confirmed that US policy towards the Middle East region is the reason for decades of hostility towards the Arabs.