The US put the last nail in the institution of the UN by installing the rule of force over the rule of the International law.

Kosovo army
The message to the EU? Kosovo troops pledged obedience to the US. Photo: VOA

(— December 15, 2018) — Ignoring the 1244 UN Resolution, disregarding International law and agreements, despite the growing aspirations of Albanians in Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece to follow the steps of their countrymen in Kosovo and seek independence, the U.S. upgraded Kosovo’s security forces into an army paving the way for new wars in the region.

In his address, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic directly accused Washington of deliberately destabilizing the entire region of the Balkans, leaving no choices for Serbia but to defend its people with arms.

How dangerous is the creation of Kosovo’s army, is portrayed by the fact that even NATO officials disagree on this issue. Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO, has called Pristina’s move “ill-timed” and detrimental to Kosovo’s European and Atlantic integration, Russia Today reports.

Creating the army of Serbia’s breakaway region of Kosovo, is an award to former US backed rebels, formerly marked as terrorists by the CIA until 1992 when Kosovo unilaterally declared independence. It is a well known fact that the new Kosovo’s army is completely made up of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) members, radical Islamists who recruited fighters for ISIS during the war in Syria.

Despite European Union leaders who worry that the Kosovo army is an invitation to new conflicts in the region, Germany and the United Kingdom welcomed the move. The German Foreign Ministry said yesterday that Kosovo “as a sovereign state, has the right to form regular armed forces”. However, the Ministry emphasized that Berlin has always made it clear that the transformation of the existing Kosovo Security Forces “should not be overburdened, but be an inclusive process with the participation of the Serbian minority in Kosovo and in close consultation, primarily with NATO and NATO allies” AP reports.

The US Embassy in Kosovo said in a statement that the goal of creating Kosovo’s army is to achieve a mutually beneficial agreement that will promote peace, stability and prosperity in Kosovo and the region, which is “the highest priority of the US in Kosovo,”

“We call on all interested parties to redirect their energy and engage seriously and constructively in achieving this goal,” the US Embassy said in a statement.

The “interested parties” however are also Albanian nationals who see this move as an invitation to rebel in other countries such as Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro by using the same principle to breakaway and join Kosovo which is one step closer to creating the ultimate threat in the Balkans – The Greater Albania.

That, of course, can’t be done without bloodshed and Washington is well aware of that but doesn’t care. So, what are the U.S. interests in Kosovo?

It is not easy to answer these questions and not slip into conspiracy theories but the reasons the U.S. is creating instability in the Balkans is the same reason Washington masterminds wars across the globe – money, power and World domination. “Divide and conquer” is a recognizable pattern to achieve this mission and the main goal is not to divide Balkans, but to “conquer” the European Union.

“The West as we once knew it no longer exists,” an article in Der Spiegel reads. “Our relationship to the United States cannot currently be called a friendship and can hardly be referred to as a partnership,” the article states.

“It is no longer a question as to whether Germany and Europe will take part in foreign military interventions in Afghanistan or Iraq. It is now about whether trans-Atlantic cooperation on economic, foreign and security policy even exists anymore, the article says. The answer to this question is – No.

The creation of the Kosovo army, is absolutely illegal accords the principles of the International law, against the UN resolution 1244, contradicting the purpose of the United Nations as an institution, and introduces only one rule – the rule of force.

The U.S. has one of the greatest military forces in the world. So did Germany until WWII.