Last year Donald Trump threatened to "destroy" North Korea, and everyone knows that Iran is this year's 'main course.'

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump addressing the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly. Photo: AP

(— September 25, 2018) — The world leaders prepare for the annual session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which begins on Tuesday in New York, to discuss the most important world issues. This time, the US President will chair the assembly which could lead to another round of clashes with other participating countries and worldwide media sources estimate that other leaders are preparing for another round of clashes with Donald Trump.

While President Trump is preparing for his second meeting in the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders are preparing for another round of conflicts with the United States on Iran, on world trade and the Trump foreign policy under the slogan “America First,” USA Today writes.

A year after shocking his colleagues at his inaugural speech in the UN by threatening to “completely destroy” North Korea, Trump is expected to use a series of speeches to take a strong stance against Iran. Part of his mission is to convince skeptical allies to support his decision from four months ago to pull the US out of a controversial agreement to limit the Iranian nuclear program, USA Today reports.

Also, the report says the president will also confirm the idea of ​​sovereignty as the guiding principle of US foreign policy – a message that will surely go better with voters in US states ahead of the upcoming congressional elections in November. Trump will also encourage foreign leaders to take a stronger position on global drug trafficking and ask the world to focus on the proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons, the White House said in a statement in the American Diary.

The US President sees the UN General Assembly as a chance to condemn Iran, however, US allies plan to challenge Trump’s idea of “follow the leader” game in which they are expected to align their politics with US interests Politico says.

The US president sees the United Nations Security Council to be held this week as an opportunity to condemn Iran for spreading what is called “chaos and terror” in the Middle East. However many key US allies will probably use the UN assembly to point fingers at the US president as a threat to peace and stability in the world. 

Trump’s expected criticism against Iran in New York also comes with political risk – and potential rewards: by speaking sharply about Tehran, they will satisfy their republican base, as well as Israel, and some Arab states. But a wider reaction could reveal the US President’s solitude on the world’s stage, especially after he unilaterally left the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

European countries, led by France, Britain and Germany, and unofficially backed by Russia and China, do not intend to allow the Trump team to monopolize the UN assembly. The American European allies were clear that they would not yield to the demands of the US to destroy the nuclear deal.
Last week, European officials said they were working on a series of measures to halt the impact of US sanctions on Iran, so Tehran could continue to work with Europe.

For years, the US has been twisting the arms of its allies to buy weapons and military equipment from Pentagon, however, this might change analysts say. The price would be high but still affordable, they say.

The US President Donald Trump tends to be the “master of the show” at The United Nations General Assembly this week, CNN reports. As the host of world leaders in his city, CNN estimates that instead of focusing on key issues, the US President will focus on something unimportant. According to CNN, for the first time in history, America will surely isolate itself on the main issues at the Security Council.

The leaders of China, Russia and India will not be in New York this week, the Guardian reports. “While Trump acts out and plays the fool, they will be busy taking responsibility for global leadership off America’s hands,” the report reads.