Tear gas and water cannons were used by security forces against protesters in front of the US embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, as a consequence of Trump’s decision on Israel.

Violent protests in front of US Embassy in Beirut, Photo: YouTube
Violent protests in front of US Embassy in Beirut, Photo: YouTube

(Newswire.net — December 11, 2017) —A few days ago, President Donald Trump decided to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which was, by his own words, a historic move.

After that move, Muslims in some countries in Middle East are protesting, but the situation escalated in Lebanon.

Thousands of people were rioting and shouting out pro-Palestinian slogans, throwing stones, setting fires on the streets and they collapsed the fence on the US embassy trying to break through the entrance, which resulted in a clash with security forces. They eventually used tear gas and water cannons on the protesters.

It’s still not known if there were any injuries that were caused by this conflict.

Ministers of foreign affairs of Arab countries had a meeting in Cairo and demanded from the US to abolish the decision of President Donald Trump who recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

They said that it could have huge consequences because it’s putting Washington on the side of the occupier and it’s also breaking international law.

In the resolution of Arab league, after a two and a half hour meeting, they also asked the UN Security council to make a resolution which would dismiss President Trump’s decision, even if they think that the US will use veto on that.

If that happens, Palestinian Minister of foreign affairs Riyad al-Maliki announced that they will ask for similar a resolution in the UN General Assembly.

In the resolution which was accepted in an urgent meeting held last night, there are no actions against the US – there is no calling for boycott of American products and no suspension of diplomatic relations.

But, the resolution doesn’t reflect the rage shown by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, where violent protests against Trump’s decision lasted three days.

„We made political decision. Jerusalem is occupied for 50 years. This is the battle which is about to escalate“, said Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

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