World-renowned self-development expert Andy Shaw reveals how tiny changes to thinking structures and thought patterns can create successes and achievements in life like never before.

personal development with Saltori
personal development with Saltori

( — January 5, 2016) Steyning, West Sussex — Andy Shaw, the creator of the hugely successful ‘Bug Free Mind’ self-development series has recently released a revolutionary video, depicting how simple changes to an individual’s thought patterns can create phenomenal results. On the subject, creator Andy Shaw says: “Throughout life, we are taught what to think… But we are never taught how to think. We believe from a young age that we just need to obtain more and more knowledge, and that is directly correlative to becoming more and more successful. But that’s just wrong. Why should we wait around until that useless knowledge we spent years learning finally becomes relevant, when we can use our time more wisely to train our minds to understand why we think, and really get the most out of our potential?”

Shaw’s latest video, released alongside his ‘Bug Free Mind’ series, challenges individuals to harness the power of their consciousness, whilst creating a manageable thought system that can guide anyone through the stresses and strains of daily life. “This video is for anyone, from people suffering from depression or mental disorders, to those who occasionally find themselves overwhelmed and stressed by events or day-to-day life. It will teach you to create an organized thought system, that can replace the erratic and stressful thought patterns that most people have adopted in modern life” Shaw continued.

Shaw has even replied himself to hundreds of comments below the video, many of which are viewers who are suffering from mental and physical illnesses. Sally, for example, stated: “I am hoping your system can help me with the anxiety, depression and problems concentrating which are holding me back since surviving a severe brain hemorrhage a few years ago”. Shaw’s reply emphasizes the flexibility and individuality of this program, stating: “Frankly, if this can’t then not a lot else that I know of can. I did not set out to create a process which helped with the ailments you mentioned, I set out to create a process to help a person maximize their potential. A necessary element of that was to ensure a person had no anxiety or depression, so curing those is a happy by-product.”

Shaw’s video reveals to viewers how problems in life can be simply solved by adopting a new perspective on life, and by considering how by raising levels of consciousness, problems and issues can be solved in a much more effective manner. Training videos and personal development books are available to view for free on Shaw’s website,


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