"The whole world is shown what to think all the time, and no one teaches how to think.": Andy Shaw’s new Saltori Starter Kit for structured thinking is now offered as free-download e-books..

Saltori by Andy Shaw
Saltori by Andy Shaw

(Newswire.net — January 4, 2016) Steyning, West Sussex — World-renowned psychologist Andy Shaw has created a perfect fix to the stresses and strains hundreds and thousands of people have fallen victim to in recent years. Offering a completely free download for his brand new ‘Saltori Starter Kit’, Shaw provides all the essential thought patterns necessary for a happy, healthy and prosperous future. 

Speaking at a recent press conference, Shaw stated: “I receive hundreds of thousands of emails every month, people begging me to help them to escape from the negative downward spiral they have recognized in their daily thoughts. As people will learn straight away from my free ‘Saltori Starter Kit’ download, when a person learns to structure the key parts of their thinking, success in solving problems or achieving their dreams becomes simple and certain. The first step I teach is that controlling the outcome is to fully obtain control of the thing that creates the outcome – your mind. People think they are in control, but the first step on the road to consciousness raising is to realize that mainly, we are not. My free download on my website is not a one-stop-shop for an instantaneous psychological fix, but it will sure as hell get you right on your way.”

Shaw’s free download, just like the rest of his world-famous ‘Bug Free Mind’ series, is separated into tiny bite-sized lessons, which are designed to fit into an already busy schedule. Within the ‘Saltori Starter Kit’, Shaw’s first four lessons take each user on a journey through their own mind, with an aim to understanding themselves and bettering their thought patterns in the process. Lesson 1, described as the most powerful and crucial lesson in the entire ‘Bug Free Mind’ process teaches the user to silence their mind, whilst Lesson 2 focuses on a small-but-effective mind restructure that can be applied to everyday life. Lesson 3 then advises on the best way to overcome the chaotic thinking that can lie at the root of each and every deep psychological problem, whilst Lesson 4 shines a light on the entire process, making it easy to apply to life forever. 

With thousands upon thousands of reviews from over 130 countries worldwide, Shaw’s ‘Bug Free Mind’ series is a proven success. “Not once has anyone come back to me to say my process made no difference to their lives, so why not take advantage of a free download and see what a difference a new outlook can make?” Shaw continued. 

Shaw’s ‘Saltori Starter Kit’ is available to download for free from Shaw’s personal development website for structured thinking, saltori.com.

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