World renowned personal development expert Andy Shaw releases revolutionary video presentation aptly entitled, "The Secret to Maximizing Your Life".

Saltori by Andy Shaw
Saltori by Andy Shaw

( — January 4, 2016) Steyning, West Sussex — Since creating his ‘Bug Free Mind’ personal development series, psychologist Andy Shaw has become a world-sensation, reaching out to over 130 countries world-wide, and receiving thousands and thousands of stunning reviews so far.

Released in a world stunned by mental health issues, and in a society whereby depression and anxiety run rife in every neighborhood, Shaw’s latest release makes users lock in on their own wants, needs and desires, in order to hone and develop a positive thought pattern that they can carry through daily life. “The Secret to Maximizing your Life” is a comprehensive 40-minute video, which details everything from the thought patterns people think are healthy, but which may actually be stunting happiness, to outlining the how something as simple as a new perspective on life and achievements can alter the mind for the better.

Andy Shaw himself explained in a recent press conference: “I hear it again and again from my clients: “I’ve tried every self-help book out there, and none of them seem to work!” First and foremost, this video aims to tell you just why they haven’t been working – whether that’s because they are cheap, short-term solutions to rooted problems, or they aren’t designed to be built into your naturally busy lifestyle. This video works with you to help you to understand exactly how your mind works, and why your uncontrollable thoughts may be sabotaging your ability to get what you want from life. It will improve your vision of achievement and helps you to simplify the steps you need to take to be successful in any area of life. This video will set you up for a lifetime of happiness, in just 40 minutes.”

Andy Shaw’s “The Secret to Maximizing your Life” video is not only invaluable, comprehensive and the perfect way to start a happy and healthy 2016, but it is also available for no charge at all. “You can’t put a price on happiness,” Shaw continued, “So why should I? I believe every single person on this Earth deserves to start their journey towards happiness, not just the ones that can afford it.”

Shaw’s personal development video is available to download from his website,, along with the first five chapters of his world-renowned “Bug Free Mind” personal development series, currently followed by people from over 140 different nations.

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