Predicting the collapse of the European Union the same way the USSR fell apart, billionaire George Soros urges the pro-EU forces to “wake up.”

Hungarian-American investor George Soros Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

(— February 13, 2019) — If the European Union does not wake up and recognize the internal and external threats, it will end up just like the Soviet Union, said billionaire George Soros, alluding to the breakup of that country in 1991, CNBC reports.

According to CNBC the Hungarian-American investor Soros said that Europe is heading towards guaranteed destruction, and that the people of Europe must wake up before it is too late.

He pointed out that the EU is currently in a “revolutionary moment,” and that the final outcome is “highly uncertain.”

The worst of all is the fact that neither Europe’s leaders nor its citizens are aware of the current situation, Soros said.

The leadership of Europe resembles a Soviet Politburo, who in the moments of the dissolution of the USSR issued commands thinking that they are still relevant.

Regarding the election for the European Parliament, Soros noted that this is the point where there will be a new conflict in the EU, as right wing Eurosceptic parties are expected to do well at the elections.

Unfortunately, anti-European forces enjoy an advantage in the elections. There are several reasons for this, including the old-fashioned party system that is present in most European countries, the inability to change the agreement, and the lack of legal means to punish member states that violate the principles on which the EU is founded, Soros said.

Commenting on the situation in Germany, Soros estimated that the coalition gathered around the Christian Democratic Union of German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not be able to act fully pro-European, as the pressure on the internal situation is carried out by an ultramodern Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The situation regarding Brexit is so complicated that the British now just want it to end, although it will be an event that will define the future of Britain over the next few decades, Soros said, adding that the British public is slowly realizing the “grave consequences” of the UK leaving the EU. It is estimated that leaving the EU will cost Britain somewhere between 30 and 50 billion pounds.

According to Soros, Italy made a “fatal mistake” when it called for the Dublin Treaty in 2017, which requires migrants to seek asylum in the first country they enter. Italy’s struggle against the rising number of migrants in 2018 threw the country into the hands of the anti-European League and the Five Star Movement, which are anti-European parties, Soros said.

In order to fight the anti-European forces, Europe must recognize its enemies and “awaken the sleeping pro-European majority and mobilize it to defend the values on which the EU was founded.”
“Otherwise, the dream of a united Europe could become the nightmare of the twenty-first century.” Soros warned.

The American billionaire also said the whole world is heading into disaster, as the liberal democracy is falling across the Western world, RT reports.

“With economic growth lagging and the refugee crisis out of control, the EU is on the verge of breakdown and is set to undergo an experience similar to that of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.”