Following just three years trading on, young brand Freddie and Sebbie is quickly becoming a home name to trust.

toy hammock
toy hammock

( — December 16, 2015) Las Vegas, Nevada — The Nevada-based business, renowned for its luxury line of family-orientated items, has actually specified in a recent interview that their latest item to be crowned with a practically perfect rating has actually been hailed as a ‘savior’ an ‘innovative idea’ and ‘refreshingly simple’. While being designed to both help parents, and provide kids with the sense of being responsible, the large-size toy hammock net has been hailed on as an ideal way to create more bedroom storage space.

While speaking about the product in a recent press meeting, business spokesperson Neil Speight said: “Family life can be testing at times, even more so for my partner while I’m out attending meetings, who used to get really wound up with the daily mess left after the kids had been playing. Naturally, I have tested out all Freddie and Sebbie products at home before releasing them onto the market, and to be truthful, this toy storage net has been the most helpful from our entire range. Not only does it keep things neat, but my partner is relaxed, the children are relaxed, and this simple hammock has actually brought about a huge sense of harmony in the home… I have actually never ever known anything quite like it!”

Designed to produce storage from thin air, Freddie and Sebbie’s Jumbo Toy Hammock provides the ideal option to overcrowded bed rooms and houses lacking in storage. Top 50 customer F.S has described his experience in a 5 star review, saying: “It’s currently being used to store the kid’s toys, but now I’m seeing how I could use it for a number of other storage needs too,” though another Amazon reviewer has revealed how thrilled they were to discover a new solution for storing potatoes in their garage.

A constant flow of high ratings for Freddie and Sebbie have been published on Amazon over the last 3 years, when the Nevada based company began trading. One school librarian said in her five-star evaluation: “When I brought these to school to show our custodian, they were missing the hardware. My first thought was what a huge hassle this was going to be to find a human to talk with and repackage everything to return. Not true, as the folk at Freddie and Sebbie got right on with it and a new toy hammock was shipped out within a day! This is exactly what’s called excellent customer support!” Another customer has simply described the storage net as “amazingly jumbo!” 

According to the product description seen on Amazon, the Jumbo Toy Hammock by Freddie and Sebbie has been made from the greatest quality products offered on the marketplace, while coming packaged with all the necessary hardware, along with clear installation directions. Detailed product specs and over 150 consumer reviews can be seen on their Amazon store, with more information provided on website,


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