Polish lawmaker bragged that his country didn’t let any of the Muslim immigrants pass the border and defends the government ban on building mosques.

Law and Justice Party MP Dominik Tarczyński
Law and Justice Party MP Dominik Tarczyński as Cathy Newman's guest via video-link.

(Newswire.net— January 31, 2019) — A Polish lawmaker from the ruling Law and Justice Party, Dominik Tarczyński, said that his country will send a clear message to radical Muslims that they cannot claim rights that Europeans lack in Saudi Arabia.

Tarczyński drew attention from the Western public in a televised duel with well-known liberal journalist Cathy Newman on the topic of illegal migration when he said that Poland had received a total of zero migrants which he is proud of. He also said that the country was open to peaceful migration and received a large number of Ukrainians.

Law and Justice Party MP Dominik Tarczyński told Cathy Newman that Poland will not apologize for refusing to take illegal migrants: “This is why our government was elected; this is why Poland is so safe.”

With his attitude that the West is at a very unstable place with the Islamic world currently, Tarczyński claims that there are plans from the theocratic Saudi Arabia to begin mass construction of mosques in the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

When asked about the request of the Muslim population in Poland to be allowed to go forward with building mosques, Tarczyński said “We will be pleased to accept it, right after they allow Poland to build a cathedral in Saudi Arabia.”

A representative of the ruling party pointed out that in Islamic countries there is a significant intolerance towards Christians, and bearing in mind that public wearing or displaying of a cross is forbidden in Saudi Arabia, the same principle should be applied to wearing a burqa in Poland.

Tarczyński also said that the burqa is dangerous because it is a kind of camouflage for terrorists and suicide bombers, and therefore should be banned for security reasons. Tarczyński referred to terrorist attacks in many countries across Europe such as Austria, Denmark and France, which allowed mass entering of Muslim immigrants and the construction of mosques on their land.

“In Germany and Sweden they demand that they carry a burqa under the pronouncements of democracy and freedom of religion, these are nice words that do not mean anything in reality,” said Tarczyński.

Polish lawmaker also said that Poland will not make the same mistakes as Belgium, France, Germany and many other countries. “If Muslims do not like Central Europe, let them go to Saudi Arabia, they will have the treatment they want.”


Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00107366-poland-will-allow-building-mosques-when-s-arabia-allows-building-churches.html