Poisoned Pen Press debuts the release of new mysteries in three popular series by authors Frederick Ramsay, Michael A. Kahn and Triss Stein.

December 2015 Book Titles from PPPress
Poisoned Pen Press Debuts New Mysteries

(Newswire.net — December 3, 2015) Scottsdale, Arizona — December may usher in the holiday gift-giving season, but the three books released by Scottsdale, Arizona, mystery book publishers Poisoned Pen Press might tempt you into buying them as a present to yourself. The Vulture: An Ike Schwartz Mystery #10 by Frederick Ramsay, Trophy Widow: A Rachel Gold Mystery #7 by Michael A Kahn and Brooklyn Secrets: An Erica Donato Mystery #3 by Triss Stein are sure to please devoted followers and attract new fans.
“It is always a delight for us when we make our monthly announcement of some of the best-written new mysteries,” according to a spokesman for Poisoned Pen Press. “The holiday season and the high caliber of the books we are offering this month just add to the festive mood of our staff.”
Readers face the possibility that a popular small-town Southern sheriff, Ike Schwartz, might have finally met his match in The Vulture. The tenth book in the popular Ike Schwartz series of police procedural mysteries brings Ike’s former CIA colleague, Charlie Garland, into a manhunt to find the sheriff after his burning and wrecked car is found. What follows is a blend of the latest in anti-terrorism technology combining with old-fashioned police work as local law enforcement and the federal government set out to solve the mystery and find the sheriff dead or alive.
Brooklyn Secrets is the next offering from Poisoned Pen Press this month and is the latest of a series of popular female detective novels from Triss Stein. Researcher and graduate student, Erica Donato, finds that her quest for information about a 1930s New York gang leads her into the present-day investigation of the vicious beating of a young woman and the death of the woman’s friend. Erica soon discovers a link between long-held secrets and the contemporary crimes.
Attorney Rachel Gold has delighted her fans with both her skills as a trial attorney and her abilities as a sleuth. The latest work from trial lawyer and author Michael A. Kahn has Ms. Gold once again putting both of those skills to work defending a convicted murderer in a civil lawsuit that quickly evolves into an investigation of the charges that sent her client to prison. Could it be that her client was framed and that the actual killer is still out there? Trophy Widow brings readers everything they have come to expect from a Rachel Gold mystery book and more.

The mysteries titles released by Poisoned Pen Press each month are written by various well-known authors. All the mystery books are available in four different formats: hardback, trade paperback, large print and eBook. Learn more about the authors and book titles by visiting their website at http://www.poisonedpenpress.com/ or call 1-800-421-3676.

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Poisoned Pen Press was founded by Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters along with their daughter, Susan Malling in 1997. It is now among the largest publishers of hardcover mystery books in the world. They pride themselves on presenting the best work by new mystery writers.

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