In Peru, the waste collection seems to be non-existent so that people are forced to spill their trash down hillsides or into streams. One young man has decided to do something about that!

Operation Clean Up Peru
Clayton has studied and loved Peru and its culture for 10 years.

( — May 16, 2019) — Peru is a jewel on Earth with its mystical ancient Inka ruins, beautiful beaches, natural diversity, gastronomic delicacies and people with extraordinary tales. But unfortunately, in many parts of Peru, the waste collection seems to be non-existent. People are forced to spill their trash wherever they can, from hillsides to rivers, as many world citizens believe that just because something is out of sight, it is no longer there. But the truth is so far from that… and luckily, some citizens of this planet don’t follow the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy.

Clayton Kearl is an inspirational young leader whose athletic background has brought him numerous scholarship. But on his path, he learned more important things than just getting a degree. He learned about the importance of our contribution to make our world a better place. And his love for Peru has led him to create an inspirational movement to clean up Peru.

Clayton decided to do something about Peru’s trash problems by creating Chapa Tu Basura iniative. Besides being a viral challenge through social networks, it is a personal challenge to run the entire Peruvian coast, from Ecuador to Chile. This plan is 1,500 miles (2,414 km) long. Along this journey Clayton will personally clean-up litter that has accumulated and invite and inspire others to join him in the clean-up. To further aid in the clean-up, he will provide gloves and garbage bags for anyone who is willing to help. 

Clayton will run from Tumbes to Tacna organizing local youth to collect garbage along the coast of Peru. Also during the tour, he will make stops in main cities to raise awareness among Peruvian people about cleaning their cities. You can track Clayton’s activities via Instagram and Facebook.

The purpose of Chapa Tu Basura is to create environmental awareness and teach the proper form of how we should dispose of garbage in a fun way through sports and social media. And it is so close to its goal as the initative for a clean Peru already gathered US$ 11,511 but it needs to reach $ 15,000 to achieve its goal.

Any donation will go toward expenses of Clayton’s run and of the clean-up process. More precisely, communication crew, clinical staff, car and combustible, hotels, food and supplies (masks, gloves, bags and permits). 
So, if you also love Peru’s culture and people or are one of those people who actually pay attention to your planet (as we only have one!), you can join Clayton on his journey to a cleaner Peru or you can donate and become a part of the Chapa Tu Basura initative via the following link:
There are only 50 hours left for this young man’s inspirational idea to become reality and benefit our planet, not just the people of Peru. Wishing him great luck on his quest and hoping that his enthusiasm spreads throughout many other countries of the world as we all need to think more about our footprint- and do something about it!