Neighboring countries that were at war sent the strongest peace message to the world saying ‘we are two countries but one nation.’

Korean holding a white flag with a blue silhouette of Korea
Korean holding a white flag with a blue silhouette of Korea

(— January 19, 2018) –North and South Korean sportsmen and sportswomen will march under a joint flag at the opening of the Olympic Games in Pyongyang.

According to their new agreement, at the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in February, they will show the desire for national unification by a joint march under a white flag, with the blue silhouette of the Korean peninsula.

According to a joint statement the two countries will form a joint team in women’s hockey and train together at the North Korean ski resort Masikrjong.

Joint Korea’s Olympic Teams will consist of 150 sportsmen and sportswomen and will be accompanied by 230 fans and journalists. The Olympics will also feature the performance of North Korean masters of Taekwondo.

The two countries declared war on 25 June 1950 that lasted for three years until a stalemate was reached in 1953.

This was agreed at a meeting in the village of Panmundza, in which a truce was signed on July 27, 1953.

During the three-year war more than 1.2 million people died. Only a ceasefire was signed, but never a peace agreement.

Tensions between South and North Korea still exist and provocations are made on a regular basis, however, their sports delegations have agreed to come together in front of the world at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games starting on February 9 in South Korean Pyongyang, spreading the message of peace.

In addition to this sporting union, it is worth mentioning that in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games there will be a female bob team from Jamaica participating for the first time. This will happen 30 years after the male bob team of this country won the hearts of viewers all over the planet and inspired even the famous “Cool Runnings” movie.

The crew consists of the former world champion in athletics Carrie Russell, then Audra Segri and Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian.

Nigeria will also have its first competitors in the history of the Winter Olympic Games.