The mystery publisher Poisoned Pen Press rings in the New Year with the release of three mystery novels that are certain to be hits with readers.

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( — January 12, 2016) Scottsdale, Arizona — Poisoned Pen Press offers its readers something special in its package of new releases for January. Along with the return of one of its popular women sleuths, Annabelle Starkey, and another one of its always popular historical fiction novels, the Scottsdale, Arizona, mystery publisher is marking the start of a new year with a brand new adventure for everyone’s favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes.

“What better way to give our loyal readers a post-holiday present than with a trio of new mystery books that we are confident will appeal to a wide audience,” said a spokesman for Poisoned Pen Press. “We have always tried to be in the forefront of the mystery genre with novels that will prove popular with our readers, and this month’s selections certainly seem to fit the bill.”

England during the early years of World War II is the setting for The Guardian Stones by Eric Reed. Children sent to live in rural areas to avoid German bombing runs targeting British cities suddenly begin disappearing. With most of the country’s men called away to fight in the war, a retired professor from America interrupts his study of ancient standing stones to assist the local police official’s daughter in the search for the children. Theories run the gamut from enemy saboteurs to supernatural forces, but bloody clothing is the only real evidence pointing toward foul play.

Readers who wanted more of Zoe Burke’s female detective, Annabelle Starkey, get their wishes granted with the release of No Gun Intended: An Annabelle Starkey Mystery #2. Annabelle takes some time off from her new job at a New York-based detective agency to visit her parents in Oregon. Trouble ensues when her backpack is switched for one containing a gun that police in Portland believe was used to commit a murder. Most people would let the local police sort things out, but in the tradition of all great detective mystery novels, Annabelle is soon on the trail of the mysterious man who sat next to her on the plane and might provide clues about who might be trying to set her up. 

Mystery lovers who thought Sherlock Holmes had finally met his fate and was gone forever did not count on author Vasudev Murthy breathing new life into the world’s greatest detective. The January release of Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Timbuktu takes readers on a new adventure with Holmes and the devoted Dr. Watson. This time, the pair fakes the detective’s death to mask an undercover operation that takes them through Africa as they pursue the mystery surrounding an ancient secret. Holmes and Watson are not alone in their quest as they encounter new villains and, perhaps, an old nemesis: Professor Moriarity.

Mystery novels released from Poisoned Pen Press are written by various authors. The plot of the stories all fit within the mystery genres. Visit their website at to learn more about the new titles released this month along with other books and series.  

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The founders of Poisoned Pen Press, Robert Rosenwald and Barbara Peters, are recipients of the Ellery Queen Award for their achievements in mystery publishing. Mystery books published by the company have either won or been nominated for all major awards in the mystery genre.

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