A detailed review of my business class trip from Los Angeles, California to Seoul, South Korea aboard Korean Air.

Korean Air 380

(Newswire.net — December 23, 2015) — Korean Air is one of the best airline companies in the world. Their business class product on the new airliner A380, also known as Prestige Class, is highly praised by both experts and ordinary passengers. Indeed, Korean Air’s business class services are beyond all praise and I had a chance to see it for myself during my last trip to from Los Angeles to Seoul. That was the most luxurious flying experience in my life. I liked absolutely everything, starting from the quick and hassle-free check-in and finishing with smiley and caring flight attendants, mouth-watering dishes, quick services and cozy flat sleeper seats.

So, let’s relate facts as they actually happened.


The first pleasant surprise awaited for me at Tom Bradley Terminal. As I came to the  Korean Air Business Class check-in line, I saw only three people in front of me. The whole check-in process took only about 5 minutes and that was a good and quick start of my long, 13-hour flight.

Business Class Lounge

Korean Air’s business class lounge is on the fifth floor. So after passing a security line (which has taken only a few minutes) I took the elevator and went up to the lounge. The lounge consists of two parts: a smaller one is for First Class passengers and a bigger is for Business Class passengers. Both lounges are light and cozy, and offer the same selection of cold and hot drinks and food.


Business class passengers (including me) boarded a half an hour before the take-off. Flying business class is a valuable advantage as, the cabin is very spacious, which can be not said about the Economy Class, where I managed to quickly peep into. Contrary to First and Business class cabins, Economy class was crammed with passengers.

After all business class passengers took their seats, flight attendants served out amenity kits (stuffed with skincare products by a popular brand DAVI), slippers, newspapers and drinks.

The Seats

What is the most important thing on a plane? It it is undoubtedly the seat where you have to spend the whole flight.  Korean Air’s business class cabin on their A380 is equipped with fully flat “prestige sleeper” seats that are designed to give you maximum comfort. They are so spacious that even tall and overweight people will feel no discomfort sitting in them. Near the seat, there are two large bins that can fit all your carry-ons. The seating area is equipped with a TV screen, so you can watch a movie once you feel bored.  You will be offered a great collection of movies to watch during the flight.

However, comfortable and spacious 180-degree flat reclining seat is not the only advantage you get when purchasing Korean Air’s business class. As for me, one of the biggest perks is that Korean Air’s  A380’s have the lowest number of seats than any other airliner of the same class. For those who are on board it means more space and privacy.

The Flight and Meals

That was a long flight that lasted for 13 hours and 10 minutes. However, due to all these modern amenities offered aboard Korean Air’s Business Class Cabin and top-notch services the time went too quickly. The flight attendants were extremely friendly and caring. After the plane gained height, the passengers were given menus to choose two meals (lunch and dinner). The first meal was served in about one hour and the second followed approximately four hours before landing. Both meals I have chosen were delicious.  

The Onboard Lounge

Two business class lounges are located on the upper deck. They are equipped with cozy couches, reading material and TV. Moreover, passengers are offered a nice collections of snacks and beverages during the whole flight. This is a great place where you can socialize with other passengers, watch TV, have a bite and even mix your own drinks. Otherwise speaking, if you are tired of sitting still, you are welcome to the onboard lounge.

After spending 13 hours aboard Korean Air’s  A380, I can safely recommend their business class product to everyone. I felt safely, comfortably and cared for during the whole flight, and these are one of the greatest advantages for me. Purchasing business class was a wise decision, as only during such long flights you realize how important it is to sit in a comfortable seat and be able to have a good rest. I will definitely choose Korean Air for my next trip to South Korea. 

Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/review/00091395-my-business-class-flight-to-seoul-on-korean-air.html