Nevada-based accessory merchant Freddie and Sebbie reveals evaluations are shooting through the roof for their newest product.

plastic lunch boxes
plastic lunch boxes

( — December 8, 2015) Las Vegas, Nevada — Trading for three years, Freddie and Sebbie has received thousands of 4 and 5 star testimonials throughout its whole 20-strong range. Satisfying the demand for top quality, affordable products, and with a 6000 strong social media following, the online retailer is quickly ending up being the brand to look out for.

The new release by Freddie and Sebbie, a set of 4 stackable bento boxes, promises to remove stress from households tightening up their belt on home spending plans. While providing a low-cost alternative to fast-food or to go lunches, these microwavable, freeze-proof bento boxes are proving to become a family favorite among Amazon verified purchaser up and down the country.

Released just two months back, the Freddie and Sebbie bento boxes currently have just under 50 testimonials, leaving the product with a 4.3 star score out of a possible 5. Top 500 reviewer Lynn mentions that the bigger sized compartments make these boxes just as suitable for adult-sized portions as kid-sized, and states that the easy-open lids are a welcome breath of fresh air for her kids at school. Validated Top 1000 Amazon customer Christine Seaholtz explained that these were the perfect size for leftovers for her 85-year-old mother, who relies on the fresh convenience that these boxes now supply.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Neil Speight discussed that these boxes were not just created for kids, however for the benefit of the entire family. Speaking at a current press conference, he specified: “The Amazon Marketplace validated evaluations speak just as much about the versatility of these boxes as the products themselves. From babies to great-great grandmothers, i t seems as though each individual can discover a use for these boxes. And why wouldn’t they? They are microwavable, freezer-proof and absolutely convenient for anything and everything. With the different generous-sized compartments, foods can remain apart and fresh for picky eaters, or they can become the ideal storage boxes for odd bits and bobs around the house. Fed up of your screws and nails mixing together? Fed up of your buttons getting tangled in with your threads? They aren’t just for keeping food fresh – they’re for keeping all of family life fresh.”

More Freddie and Sebbie testimonials are offered to view on their store, and more images and product descriptions of their entire range are readily available to view on their site,


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