David Lewarchik of Lewarchik Law PLLC discusses the realities of appellate litigation and why a client should hire an appellate attorney.

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(Newswire.net — August 21, 2015) Chicago, Illinois –David Lewarchik of Lewarchik Law in Chicago is a recognized scholar with vast experience in the field of appellate litigation.  Recently, he was interviewed regarding the need for an appellate lawyer to handle the appeals aspect of a criminal or civil matter, and shared his insight on the benefits of having an attorney with appellate experience for this phase of the legal process.

“An appeal lawyer needs an in-depth understanding of appellate procedure, excellent legal research skills, skill at persuasive writing , and gifted with advanced legal analysis skills,” he notes.  “As a former judicial clerk, where I played an integral role in the appellate judicial decision-making process, as well as an appellate practitioner, I have mastered these skills.  I encourage anyone who is facing appeals litigation to consider retaining a lawyer with specialized experience in this field.”

According to this highly-rated attorney, the appeals process often begins when a mistake is made by the lower court and a client is forced to turn to appellate courts for rectification.  “We know that not every decision made by the courts is the right one. Mistakes can be made, evidence overlooked, and new evidence can be brought to light. There are numerous reasons why an appeal may be warranted,” he says.  However, the appeals process itself can be fraught with issues that can easily cost clients a significant amount of time and money if not handled properly.  It is critical that clients find an attorney with extensive appellate experience to successfully handle their cases.

“Our firm’s appellate work exemplifies the ability to present those reasons and argue their importance and relevance. Being a former appellate judicial clerk, appellate staff attorney and appellate attorney at a large firm, I am uniquely qualified as an appellate advocate. As an appellate judicial clerk and staff attorney, I have participated in the drafting of over 80 judicial opinions and orders. This has allowed me to gain exceptional insight into how appellate jurists make their decisions, and particularly what arguments sway them.”  Because of his experience in this area, he has been able to learn the most effective approaches to appellate litigation.

In private practice, Mr. Lewarchik has prosecuted and defended and prosecuted a multitude of appeals before a variety of appellate courts nationwide.  He has argued appeals on matters involving all areas of his practice including interlocutory appeals and appeals after verdict. An example of his appellate work can be found in the matter of Bell v. Hustle, 955N.E.2d 1099 (2011), where the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously overturning the appellate court.

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David Lewarchik founded this firm in order to bring his expertise in the the area of appellate legal cases to his clients who, all too often, only may choose from lawyers who either have never handled an appeal, or only do so rarely. His experience includes an appointment to a prestigious judicial appellate clerkship, where he participated in drafting more than 80 published opinions and unpublished orders on a wide array of issues relating to criminal law, civil procedure, statutory construction, tort liability, employment law, corporate law, and insurance coverage. He has also worked in the private sector at a large and well respected Chicago law firm as an appellate lawyer. He is a graduate of Washington University School of Law, a law school consistently ranked in the top 20 law schools in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

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