Rental Homes win it hands down in Rental Homes vs. Hotels. One of the most important reasons to ditch a hotel for a rental home is the cost itself.

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( — September 6, 2015) — The standard for going on vacations used to be staying at a fancy hotel where there is room service and the minibar costs more than a whole day’s worth of meals. These days, people are looking for better and more cost effective accommodations in the form of vacation home rental. Home away from home is not an entirely new concept but it does provide a great number of benefits, not the least of which is a wider choice in accommodations based on your specific needs.

Short Term Home Rentals for Holidays

Certain nationwide holidays such as Labor Day create a shortage in hotels, which means you either have to book weeks, or even months in advance or run the risk of not having a place to stay when you need it. Vacation home rentals allow for better last minute travel plans, especially for large group of friends or families. If you happen to have more guests coming along with the trip, it helps to know that there are places that provide more room for extra people.

Vacation Homes and their Amenities

People now favor short-term rentals over hotels because the former offer more convenience for a lot less money. Some beachfront homes, for instance, do have indoor pools as well as the ocean, which is so much more fun for children as well as adults. Cooking is also not a problem since these homes have a fully outfitted and functional kitchen. Some properties even offer outdoor barbecue area for private cookouts.

Privacy is also one of the best features of renting a home instead of staying at a hotel. Guests will have their own private entrance and be able to enjoy the company of their friends and family sans having to worry if they get a bit too noisy or rowdy. In contrast, hotels do implement strict policies regarding noise control and limitations on the number of occupants at any given time.

Concierge service and other in-house amenities may also be offered when renting condo/apartment units. This would eliminate having to search for the best restaurants in the area, as the concierge/front desk would be able to recommend a number of places right off the bat.

Flexibility When Traveling with Children

Taking kids when going on vacation can be a hassle for those who opt for hotel accommodations. Vacation home rentals offer much more flexibility since the kids can be left alone (even after hours) to play or sleep while adults go out and explore. Some condo buildings also have designated playgrounds for young children, and all the parents have to do is sign them in and drop them off.

Parents would also have no trouble placing their children as they can have their own beds, and even their own rooms. Excellent accommodations do include TV sets in every bedroom as well as the living area.


Hotels are usually located in the busiest part of the city or town, which means the attractions and places-to-be are a lot closer. This is why it is necessary to scout for the best neighborhoods in the area where rental properties are available. When visiting popular holiday spots, it is a safe bet that the best restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs are within quick driving distance.

The Bottom Line

Overall cost is the primary factor to consider when choosing between hotels and short-term rentals. For trips longer than three days, vacation properties make for a much better choice as far as value for money is concerned. Most mid range hotel rooms that can accommodate 2-3 guests cost about half of the daily rates for apartment/condo rentals. Those who are planning to stay for longer than a few days would benefit from a short-term rental, even accounting for the amenities they may have to forgo.

It is important to remember that longer stays yield bigger savings when you opt to rent instead of pay for a hotel room. Many vacation homes are for lease and the rates become more budget friendly for guests who will stay more than a few days. As with hotels, rental properties also have off peak season rates, but their peak season fees are still very competitive.

Regardless of the type of accommodation, and specific location, there is a short-term vacation home that would suit your needs.

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