Kitenge Dress Designs represent the rich culture of Africa. Their bright patterns make it a favoritefabric for many African fashion designers.


( — April 20, 2018) — Over the last few years, Kitenge fashion styles have been taking center stage. They represent the rich culture of Africa and their bright and bold patterns is a favorite piece of fabric for many African fashion designers. The Kitenge fabric is so versatile that in the hands of a great a designer they can create a classy gown that can grace the red carpet or tops that you can wear with modern sleek pants. The list is endless to how you can slay with Ankara or Kitenge prints.

While the fabric is commonly associated with females, nowadays even men look good wearing Kitenge outfits. The African prints not only add color to simple pants but also show the creative and fun side of the individual wearing it. For both male and female, the Kitenge can be worn in a casual or formal setting including weddings, holiday parties and even during a vacation. Wax prints especially those with African influence are worn proudly in many African cultures. Furthermore, even people who have no African descent can wear African prints based on their style, preferred taste, and love for unique prints. Here’s where you can click to see Kitenge designs.

Casual Kitenge outfits

Casual Kitenge outfits are fun, expressive and eye-catching. Depending on your fabric you can opt for bold patterns that express a bold personality or muted colors that suit your mood to everything in between. Ankara off-shoulder tops and fishtail designs will fit any casual event. High waisted shorts and a tied at the bottom blouse can give that funky laid back look. Mix and match the African prints t show your playful side.

Kitenge is an east African wax print fabric that comes in both subtle and bold colors as well as patterns. While it’s popularly worn by women, Kitenge is not just for clothes. Of late you can also find it on shoes, handbags and accessories. The use of the fabric in small pieces is ideal for those who want a subtle African look. The trick to always looking good no matter whether you wear your Kitenge as a top or below piece is avoid accessorizing with bold jewelry. The Kitenge itself has shouting prints so wearing bold accessories will ruin the look as each item will compete for attention. As for shoes, when you wear a Kitenge if you want to look classy instead of a clown then wear singleton shoes. If the shoes are the one with the Kitenge print then your skirt or pants should be in a solid color.

Apart from appreciating the African culture, the main aim of wearing a Kitenge is to show off your best assets and hide your body flaws. Wearing ripped jeans with a Kitenge top is another way to look classy in a casual event. Depending on the color of the Kitenge, your accessories such as shades, watches, and bangles should incline towards a neutral tone. 

Kitenge outfits for a formal event

While most people prefer to wear Kitenge for a casual event or during the weekend, it’s reassuring to note that you can still look professional even by wearing a Kitenge. Therefore, it’s high time for you to have the latest Kitenge outfit in your wardrobe. Pair a plain official skirt with a Kitenge top to look pretty stylish.

Kitenge maxi skirt can work for attending a wedding, church or a formal outing. As for men who love to wear suits during a formal occasion, then adding a Kitenge print bow ties or pocket square will make you stand out. If there is a dress code for the formal event then you can pair your outfit with a Kitenge inspired clutch or jewelry. However, remember to avoid bright colors and screaming prints as they are ideal for less formal events. You can also substitute a Kitenge with Ankara or any other tribal inspired African print. 

Kitenge during cold seasons

Kitenge blazers and jackets are perfect for going out when the weather is a bit chilly. A Kitenge headscarf can also keep your hair in style especially if you’re having a bad hair day. Men’s Kitenge style doesn’t have to be restricted or lacking in variety. Instead, a simple addition of a Kitenge can make a man look more fashion-forward and stylish. One of the best ways for a man to transform their wardrobe with African inspired prints is to experiment with a few items until they feel confident wearing an African feel from top to bottom. Start with simple accessories such as Kitenge print laptop bag, bowtie, tie, shoes, and hats. Then you can advance to wearing a Kitenge shirt, pants, and shorts.

The right hairstyle with Kitenge outfits

Hairdos, especially for women, work to complement the outfit and show off the best facial features. Depending on your face shape, go for a hairstyle that makes the best feature on your face. If it’s your eyes a simple eye pencil and mascara can help the best hairstyles for complementing your African print theme is braids, cornrows locs and even natural hair tied into a bun or curled and allowed to flow freely on your back.

Kitenge and Ankara are not just popular in African. The prints have gained popularity in the western cultures particularly with American celebrities and fashion designers showing that African prints have been globally accepted. Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Alicia keys, lady gaga, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Ari Parker have worn African prints.

While the prints were mostly considered a traditional attire that one wears during cultural festivals, nowadays they are viewed as modern and trendy. They look comfortable and gorgeous on all body shapes and sizes. No wonder the demand for these fabrics has increased tremendously.

Kitenge 2017

2017 has been a great year for lovers of Kitenge as the global acceptance has opened unlimited ways to what you can do with the fabric or how you can wear it. From miniskirts, maxi dresses, fishtail gowns, off shoulder tops, peplum styles, headscarves, bowties to shoes; there are so many ways to wear a Kitenge and still look like a fashion icon. The 2017 Kitenge designs are not just for women but also men as well as young children. Parents love to wear matching Kitenge outfits with their children while for men Kitenge fabric can be seen on their shoes, shirts, and blazers. 

Important cultural celebrations such as weddings, dowry payments, and engagement parties have not been left behind as ladies tend to adorn their bodies with Kitenge outfits to mark such joyous occasions. You can opt to make your outfit bold or incorporate a statement piece that will ensure you stand out; either way, you will look fantastic. And the best thing about the wide range of Ankara colors and pattern available is that you can choose that which fits your skin tone, personality, and mood. So don’t be limited to only one design. Instead, have fun experimenting and have a ton of choices on what works for you.

Various Kitenge outfits including bold cuts have been seen in various international fashion shows. The shows not only provide the platform for designers to showcase African prints to an engaging audience but also to increase exposure. For many African designers, Kitenge has become the go-to fabric for showcasing their talents and meeting their customer’s high demand. Modern women always find a way to incorporate the Kitenge in boardrooms, catwalks and streets because the fabric is practical and expresses a unique style.

The Kitenge fashion is here to stay and the best thing is you can use it to express your unique fashion style. Plus, you can never run out of which design to choose as a simple internet search will give you a ton of latest Kitenge gowns, shorts, jumpsuits, handbags, dresses, tops, and skirts.