Renowned brand Freddie and Sebbie has seen a further product flying off the racks recently, while also receiving fantastic feedback on Amazon.

lunch bag
lunch bag

( — January 6, 2016) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — After just 3 years of selling a top-quality range of child care and home devices, it seems that with each new product release, Nevada-based brand Freddie and Sebbie unveils yet another success story. Their recently released “fashionable insulated lunch bag”, is no different, after already being awarded a 4.5 star rating on Amazon from over 200 customers across the nation.

The brand’s Representative, Neil Speight, spoke about the company’s latest success story during a recent press interview. He said: “The factor this item is doing so well is not due to the fact that it is made from the highest quality materials on the marketplace, neither because of its distinct insulating technology that keeps food fresh for hours… It’s because it fills a big gap in the market. We constructed a lot of target audience research studies for this particular product, and the most common comment we heard was, ‘When was the last time you saw a practical lunch box that looked the part as well? Because I never ever have’. From there, we created this deluxe lunch bag, and from that… Well, over 200 positive reviews can’t be wrong, can they?”

With its striking monochrome design and strong patterns, according to the Amazon Marketplace product description, this lunch bag is targeted at females from school-age, right up to the professional working woman. While measuring in at 8.5″Deep by 5.5″Wide by 8.5″Length, it’s even ideal for household picnics, or keeping food fresh from the weekly grocery shop. The bag has actually presently gotten over 200 Amazon confirmed customer reviews, with 75% of clients ranking the item 5 stars from 5, and 17% score the item 4 stars out of 5.

One verified customer, who offered the item a perfect 5 star rating, has mentioned: “This lunch bag is among the best ones we’ve seen – it’s big enough for the biggest lunch, and has great deals of useful features. Besides the handle on the top, this bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. It has 2 mesh pockets for water bottles on the ends, and an inner mesh pocket for tableware. The inside is wipe-clean vinyl, and there’s a thin layer of insulation to help keep food cold or hot. The front zipper is also another uncommon feature about this lunch bag, and it unzips in a U-shape on the front of the bag.”

More reviews, images and an in-depth item description can be found on Freddie and Sebbie’s shop. More product or company information about Freddie and Sebbie can also be seen on their site,


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