The back seat mirror for children by Freddie and Sebbie has acquired almost perfect positive feedback from customers on Amazon, who have all provided plenty of understanding.

backseat mirror
backseat mirror

( — November 19, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — In a recent web press meeting, Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson, Neil Speight, described how the company understood how worrisome it was when an unseen infant is present in the back, while driving the automobile. He included: “Parents will constantly question whether or not their baby is safe on the back seat, a quite difficult experience when a baby sobs, specifically when not able to see them, while concentrating on driving.”

The makers of the automobile accessory are happy that their item is gaining such popularity and positive testimonials from pleased clients on Amazon. Neil said that a lot of those who already owned the product, had actually bought it again for family or friends, one reason as to why practically 100% of all Amazon verified reviews are positive.

In a number of the evaluations, consumers have actually cited reasons why they had actually gotten the device in the first place, and why they had actually been so happy when using the item. Benefits mentioned in the evaluations include the design that fits practically all vehicles, shatter-proof glass design, child-friendly, it can be set up easily, fully guaranteed, in addition to being made to fulfill the highest requirement of quality, reliability and safety.

There are additionally customer testimonials that particularly like the technical information of the product. The business stated that it wanted to guarantee that the accessory had the proper weight and dimensions, leading to a back seat mirror weighing 9.6 ounces, and measuring 10.1 x 7.5 x 3.6 inches. One Amazon reviewer has said: “I really like the dimensions, as it’s not too little, and not too big, so I’m able to clearly see my baby, and what she’s doing.”

One customer also expressed how he really loves the product because of its capability to be connected to the headrest. The company shared that they developed and produced the product with straps that are adjustable so that it can be wrapped around the headrest and not underneath it. Neil added: “This makes the car seat mirror steady in its position when connected. So, even if the roadways are rough or rocky, its position won t be altered or affected.”

Out of the 290 client reviews, 85% rated the item with 5 stars, 12% provided it a 4-star score, while only 1% gave it a 1-star score. On average, the car seat mirror has been granted an average rating of 4.8 stars. Neil likewise mentioned while closing off that rates may also be another essential factor for why so many consumers are opting to get their certain product.

More item information about Freddie and Sebbie’s back seat mirror can be seen on their United States Amazon Marketplace shop, where scores of 5 star positive back seat mirror evaluations can likewise be found. Company info about Freddie and Sebbie is best seen on their site at


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