California based Energy Solution Company, Eagle Shield, is helping home owners save on their utility bills by making their energy consumption more efficient.

Eagle Shield Energy-Saving Solutions

( — December 1, 2015) Danvile, California — With energy cost at all-time high, Eagle Shield, a California based energy solution company has been bringing smiles to the faces of home owners, so much so that they can’t hold back from showering praises on the company for its various Energy-Saving solutions they have enjoyed.

Mr. Garrett Harwood the company’s CEO said, “We have been around for more than 20 years, and helping home owners save on their energy bill, giving them more climate control and a safer environment has always been our aim, and these testimonial goes to show we are doing the right things”.

Mrs. Anesa B., a once satisfied customer who employed their Attic insulation service felt so thrilled with the type of service she got and she said, “They’re really affordable, professional, and friendly. I’ve had the services for about 4 months now, and the attic insulation does wonders for the heat and so far, it’s keeping a decent temperature while it’s getting colder”.

While Mr. Robert in Clayton CA said “I feel a big difference now. We don’t have to run our air conditioning as often anymore. We are able to cool the house a lot quicker than in the past. If it’s a really hot day the downstairs stays much cooler then upstairs. The upstairs can get up to about 86 degrees but when we turn the air on it takes about half the time to cool it down. Ken, your salesman, had a wonderful personality. Your installers were very professional, neat, and thorough”.

Furthermore, Mrs. Barbara of Saratoga CA said, “Our house stays so much more comfortable even if it’s a really hot day. We are so pleased with Eagle Shield; I should do a commercial for you. I have kept track of what I was paying before Eagle Shield compared to what I am paying now and my PG&E bill has dropped significantly. The installation guys were very thorough and very careful to go around all seven of my skylights. I just love to tell all of our friends and family about your product. We are just tickled pink!!!”.

For more information on how to benefit from their energy saving solutions and their $350 18 point Energy Audit, visit or call (800) 408-2375 for inquiries.

About Eagle Shield
Eagle Shield is an energy conservation and renewable energy solution provider for homes and business, with its headquarters in North California, it has been giving home owners and business owners a reason to smile with its energy-saving solutions for over 20 years.




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