The rocket that almost killed an entire family in Central Israel, was launched by accident, Hamas said. Egypt urged Palestine to stop using that brand of rockets.

Mishmeret house in ruins
A police officer inspects the damage to a house hit by a rocket in Mishmeret, central Israel, March 25, 2019.Photo: Ariel Schalit/AP

(— March 29, 2019) — As incredible as it may sound, Hamas officials stated that the rocket that injured seven people was launched unintentionally due to a malfunction, Haaretz reports. Adding to this story Egyptians urged Hamas to stop using a specific brand of locally-made rocket, which is said to be prone to malfunctions and uncontrolled launches.

The Israeli army has concluded that the Hamas rocket that almost killed the Wolf family in Mishmeret, north of Tel Aviv, was fired “accidentally” and restrained from further comments but launched expected retaliation measures in respond.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, doesn’t exclude a full scale military action on Golan Heights, Reuters reports.

After two days of exchanging fire with Palestine across the Gaza border, Netanyahu said Israel is prepared to wage a broad military campaign in Gaza if needed.

Visiting Gaza border Netanyahu told Israeli commanders that the military will enter Gaza “Strong and safe” but not before all other possibilities are exhausted.

Netanyahu also said that at the same time he was acting on several fronts, referring to the Golan Height in the north and that the US president three days ago recognized Israel’s sovereignty over that territory, conquered by Syria in the 1967 war. The Israeli leader marked this as a great achievement for Israel.

“The military will resort to a very strong hand against anyone trying to confront our troops,” Israeli security cabinet minister Arye Deri told Army Radio. “Let no one blame Israel after.”

In the meantime, Egyptian mediators expects Israel to discuss a potential ceasefire plan with Hamas to end hostilities that escalated early last week, after a rocket fired from Gaza fell on a house north of Tel Aviv, injuring seven people.

The government’s lingering lull at the border since mid-morning with sporadic incidents including throwing inflammable bombs across the border this afternoon that Israel has responded to by a blast that injured three people.

Egyptians offered Hamas a series of measures to ease the Egyptian and Israeli blockade of Gaza. In return, Hamas will have to commit to the cessation of rocket fire and to keep protests along the Israeli border under control. Hamas agreed but not before mass demonstrations at the border with Israel, which are already planned. Palestinians prepared large scale demonstrations marking the first anniversary of mass protests against the blockade.