Grow Box USA has launched a no-credit-check, in-house financing program that applies to all grow boxes, tents, and Duo-Drive LED lights.

( — July 27, 2015) Altoona, WI — Grow Box USA is proud to announce the launch of a no-credit-check, in-house financing program that applies to all grow boxes, tents, and Duo Drive LED Lights! Not everyone will qualify, but the approval rate is high, and to be considered, buyers simply need to have a job, a checking account and a valid ID.


Grow Box USA CEO, Mike Lowe, said, “We have been working on getting the financing in place for a while, so we are really happy to be able to announce the launch of the program. We are also running a free-shipping offer through July, to anywhere in the Continental US, so this is a great time to save money on growing equipment.” Details on the finance plan can be found at


The financing structure does require a down payment, but allows buyers to obtain equipment much sooner than if they had to pay the full amount in cash. How much is the down payment? Lowe says “For a $3,500 purchase, the down payment would typically be about $1,250, which makes it much easier for new growers to get started.”


Grow Box USA is proud to offer products that are made in the USA, handcrafted in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As a small business, run by experienced growers, the company’s products have been designed to accomplish successful growth while avoiding the many pitfalls encountered in Lowe’s 23-year history with indoor plant growth. Both grow boxes and tents are guaranteed to block all light, and control 100% of odors, and are “whisper quiet.” Turn-key systems include everything needed for successful growing except seeds and water.


About GrowboxUSA

Grow Box USA was founded in 2009 as Accelerated Technologies (Actech) and is on a mission to provide their customers with the best growing experience possible by providing the world’s finest grow cabinets, grow tents, and growing supplies at a fair price. The owners of this small company are active growers, with over 20 years’ experience, and are constantly testing the latest developments in the field to ensure that they deliver only the best to their customers.


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