Young business Freddie and Sebbie has been acclaimed as a family car trip savior as their Backseat Organizer receives over 300 customer evaluations on Amazon.

Backseat Organizer
Backseat Organizer

( — November 19, 2015) Las Vegas, NV — Nevada-based childcare device seller Freddie and Sebbie has more than twenty products in their range, all dedicated to making family life run that little bit smoother. From bento lunch boxes to outdoor picnic blankets, and from cool bags to a deluxe stroller organizer, each and every product has been carefully manufactured to remove the strain of parenting for stressed out moms and dads.

Their Backseat Organizer, which includes 7 pockets to keep the kids’ toys and accessories from flying around in the back seats during those long family car journeys, has actually just recently accomplished an almost perfect average rating from over 300 Amazon verified reviews.

Representative for the company, Neil Speight specified in a recent press conference: “We’ve all been there. You decide you have to take a long car trip, and the kids come out of your home clutching everything they have, in an effort to stave away any sense of boredom that will unquestionably arise. Whilst the children are amused in the back though, their toys and accessories will hang around on the backseat for weeks, way after the car trip has actually ended.” He went on to explain that the 7-pocket Backseat Organizer not only provides kids in the back a sense of responsibility, it also makes organization fun, whilst condensing the children’s mess into one small, easily-manageable area.

Since its recent release on Amazon, Freddie and Sebbie’s Backseat Organizer has clocked up over 300 client evaluations, achieving 4.5 stars from a maximum of 5. A 5-star review released just 2 weeks ago states: “What a road trip winner! Kept everything together and not on the floor, and it was quickly attached, without any bother to the individual in the front.”

One Hall of Fame top 10 Amazon reviewer has actually stated in another 5 star evaluation: “When I received the Backseat Organizer, I right away thought about using it for youngsters riding in our back seat. I was extremely surprised at how much WE have been enjoying it! Multiple slots allow me to store my i-Pad i-Phone, additional water bottles, and a couple of good wholesome snacks. The kids have enough space to store their things, instead of spreading it out over the car.”

This backseat organizer is offered on Freddie and Sebbie’s exclusive Amazon store, where scores of backseat organizer evaluations can also be seen, or accordingly via their website,


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