A day before NASA’s probe, InSight, was set to touch down on Mars, Elon Musk give himself a 70% chance to move to Mars and never to return.

Elon Musk smoking pot
Elon Musk smoking pot on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Photo: You Tube screenshot - J.R. Experience

(Newswire.net— December 2, 2018) — Elon Musk has been talking about planning to move to the Red Planet for a while, but until now he has not specified the likelihood that this trip will happen in reality.

A recent interview for a documentary television series by HBO revealed that what Musk said that this outcome is closer to reality, as he has specified that there is as much as a 70% chance to find himself on Mars one day.

Elon Musk said in an interview that plans to move to the red planet are in development, thanks to recent discoveries. Musk added that at it would probably be a one way trip because if he leaves Earth for Mars it would be for good.

Musk added that he will not be lonely if he goes so because he will ensure that a trip to Mars is not only for the rich. In addition, those who reach Mars will not enjoy comfort leisure, and will spend most of their time building a base in conditions that will not be easy.

According to John Logsdon, a space policy expert, the human trip to Mars is still in the domain of Science Fiction. “Musk has no strategy to salvage voyagers from radiation extinction before even reaching the red planet” he told Business Insider adding problems on the issues of human body atrophying over an 80-day trip in zero gravity.

Musk, of course, relies on plans to build a starship for commercial space travel, and on the wider plans it has for the Red Planet.

Billionaire and inventor Elon Musk is already working on plans for Martian settlements, as well as on the solution for food and energy sources. Thus, the question is not if people will live on Mars but rather only when it will happen, and according to Musk it won’t be long. He is convinced that Mars colonies will be founded during his life time and he will certainly be one of the pioneers in this endeavor.

A mission worth almost $billion The Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) is a robotic lander designed to study the deep interior of the planet Mars. InSight’s objectives are to study Mars and gather information that would help scientists to create the possibility of performing research for the colonization of the Red Planet.

The InSight lander touched down on the Mars surface Novemner 30, 2018.


Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00106209-elon-musk-says-he-will-probably-die-on-mars.html