Actress Eliza Dushku said she was fired from CBS series “Bull” after two weeks over sexual harassment by star actor Michael Weatherly.

Eliza Dushku and Michael Weatherly on 'Bull' set
Eliza Dushku lasted just three episodes on "Bull." (Barbara Nitke / CBS)

(— December 20, 2018) — The news that Eliza Dushku got sacked from the series “Bull” ran along the fact CBS paid her a record $9.5 million settlement after the actress complained about sexual harassment at work. The actress complained that she was harassed by coworker and CBS star Michael Weatherly, USA today referred to Dushku chronicles “what actually happened,” published by The Boston Globe Wednesday.

“The narrative propagated by CBS, actor Michael Weatherly, and writer-producer Glenn Gordon Caron is deceptive and in no way fits with how they treated me on the set of the television show ‘Bull’ and retaliated against me for simply asking to do my job without relentless sexual harassment,” she writes in The Globe.

“I did not over-react. I took a job and, because I did not want to be harassed, I was fired,” the actress wrote.

According to Dushku, who lasted for just three episodes of “Bull” she was being constantly harassed which was even caught on camera.

“For weeks, Weatherly was recorded making sexual comments, and was recorded mimicking penis jousting with a male costar, this directly on the heels of the ‘threesome’ proposal, and another time referring to me repeatedly as ‘legs.’ “

Dushku wrote that just over half an hour after she politely asked Weatherly to stop making sexual comments and to be “her ally” on the set, the star texted CBS Television President David Stapf asking him to sack Dushku.

She also explains that she honored the terms of the settlement with CBS and declined the interview for the Times, but she had to break silence since the other side broke the deal.

The response comes after Weatherly explained to the Times that the actress lacks a sense of humor, which is precisely “how a perpetrator rationalizes when he is caught,” Dushku wrote in an essay published by The Boston Globe. She added that she doesn’t want to hear she has a “a humor deficit or can’t take a joke.”

The actress also wrote she didn’t overreact, describing herself as feeling “uncomfortable, speechless, and frozen” in response to Weatherly’s behavior.

“This was classic workplace harassment that became workplace bullying,” she writes accusing Weatherly of sexual harassment. The actress said her coworker bullied her “day-in and day-out and would have gotten away with it had he not been caught on tape.”

Dushku’s settlement with CBS was discovered amid the probe of sexual misconduct claims against former CBS chief Les Moonves. Last week, the CBS network representative confirmed to USA Today news regarding the settlement with Dushku.