Delta Alloys (D.A.) is an ISO 9001:2008/ AS 9100 approved supplier of hard-to-find aerospace metals.

Delta Alloys
Delta Alloys

( — August 26, 2015) Santa Fe Springs, California –Delta Alloys is an industry leader and expert in raw material distribution that meets the meticulous standards and specifications of major Aircraft manufacturers and their sub-contractors for use in the aerospace industry. Worldwide shipping is available to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and South Korea.


Delta Alloys has decades of combined experience and expertise required to supply material according to the stringent requirements of aircraft quality Alloy steel, aluminum and titanium Alloys, PH grades of stainless used in aerospace manufacturing of aircraft structural and engine components.  D.A. extensive inventory includes, but not limited to: 15-5PH Stainless Steel Plate, 13-8 Stainless Steel Bar, 15-5 stainless sheet, 13-8 bar, 17-4PH sheet, plate, bar, AMS 5629, AMS 5659, AMS 5643, 15-5 Stainless Steel Plate, AMS 5862, 15-5 bar, 718 Inconel Plate.  Because D.A. adheres to the exact material guidelines of the aerospace industry, time and money are never wasted. D.A. sources and ships hard to find aerospace metals worldwide.  This expertise in conjunction with excellent customer service is a tremendous benefit to aerospace sub-contractors worldwide.


The company connects those who produce specific parts for the aerospace and aviation industry with hard-to-find raw metal materials. Now, the experts at this company discuss hard to find raw material procurement in the aerospace industry.

“D.A understands that meeting the strict aerospace material specification requirements of such companies as Boeing, Northrop, and Lockheed Martin is critical for sub-contractors. Sub-Contractors depend on our expertise to deliver the right metal to them per their requirements and in a timely fashion.” Alex Shemyakin goes on to explain that D.A. “detail oriented approach works best to meet the requirements and the deadlines of the most demanding customers. Value added services such as forging, heat treating, testing, plasma cutting/grinding, chemical milling, coil leveling, export packing are also available. We can get the right metal that sub-contractors require when they need it.”


“For our customers, it is important to understand the industry documentation provided by sub-contractors. That is why we take personal approach in taking and filling every order we receive. The person providing the quotation to our clients monitors the production and delivery schedule on every job we enter. Our personal approach to every quotation and/or order is appreciated and highly regarded by our customers, and in return eliminates any costly mistakes.” notes Alex Shemyakin.


Choosing the right type of material for critical parts for your aerospace requirements is easy when working with the experts at Delta Alloys. More information about Delta Alloys can be seen on the web at, offer assistance to all customers who want to choose the perfect metal alloy for their particular applications.


About Delta Alloys

Delta Alloys specializes in supplying aluminum, titanium, Inconel, PH grades of stainless, alloy steels to the exact customer specifications and in accordance most Aerospace requirements worldwide. Delta Alloys provides a wide selection of super alloys such as inconels and various alloy and stainless steels. (i.e. 4340, 4130, 300M, 15-5, 13-8, 17-4 as well as maraging steel). Delta Alloys has expertise in raw material procurement, processing and distribution to make sure every job is done correctly the first time. Delta Alloys prides itself in being able to provide International and Domestic customers with the materials and services they require in a speedy and cost effective manner. Delta Alloys is a proud supplier to the US Navy.

Delta Alloys

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