Degree 33 Surfboards announces its new 33 day guarantee, a first for the surfboard industry and a benefit for customers.

Degree 33 Surfboards
Degree 33 Surfboards

( — August 26, 2015) San Diego, California –Degree 33 Surfboards, an industry leader in hand-shaped longboards, shortboards and specialty surf boards, offers the industry’s first 33-day guarantee.  According to the company, customers can try a new board for up to 33 days and return it for full credit if not satisfied.  Customers can take advantage of the opportunity to try out a surfboard and be sure that it fits with his or her needs and lifestyle before making a financial commitment.  Within the 33-day period, undamaged boards can be returned for credit at any time.


While the 33-day offer is good for all pre-fabricated surfboards, few customers have had reason to utilize it due to the wide range of selection available.  The company offers over 400 boards guaranteed to be on hand at all times with superior board shapes based on 42 years of experience in the surfing industry.  All fiberglass boards are built in California and all boards, including epoxies, are hand-shaped to deliver superior performance.  The company’s friendly staff offers help to surfers of all ability levels and have served thousands of customers, including many who have purchased two, three or even four surfboards.


Located in San Diego, Degree 33 Surfboards, located at  offers prices that are, on average, 43 percent better than most surf shops.  With secure online ordering and fast shipping, the company offers quality longboards, funboards and hybrids, fish and specialty boards, shortboards, stand up paddle boards and custom surfboards.  For more information, see the company website.



About Degree 33 Surfboards

Locally owned and operated San Diego company Degree 33 Surfboards offers a range of hundreds of surfboards including custom and specialty models. With quality hand shaping and superior customer service, the company has become known for its attention to client needs and its 33-day money-back guarantee, a first in the surfing industry.

Degree 33 Surfboards

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