2 University of Florida students were joined by a hungry alligator during an outdoor picnic, it was reported last week.

Outdoor Picnic Blanket
Outdoor Picnic Blanket

(Newswire.net — December 7, 2015) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Michael Tamayo and his friend had only just unrolled their outdoor blanket to enjoy a spot of lunch outside before they were joined by an unwanted 3rd visitor. The starving alligator could not resist temptation, setting himself a place on their outside blanket before reaching for a bit of their lunch

Onlooker Richard Reed Jr. captured the encounter on camera, simply mentioning, “This was just a starving little gator planning to score some food.” Together, Reed assisted Tamayoo to shoo the gator off of his outdoor blanket, and back into the boundaries of the lake. He caught the starving alligator happily eating a whole sandwich, as if he had been invited along for a day out himself.

Alligator encounters such as this however, are not especially unusual. Dr Kent A Vilet, a scientist at the University of Florida specified that another hungry alligator had actually visited a group of people sat by the lake just 2 years previously. If these undesirable visitors are making more frequent appearances, it pleads the question as to whether the problem will persist if they continue to score a free lunch. “They learn extremely quickly,” Vliet stated, while including: “If they are at a correct operating temperature level, they learn as rapidly or more quickly as lab mice.”

Web user Wildtim however, declared that this would never have occurred if people hadn’t have fed the animal in a previous occurrence: “Alligators have a natural worry of people, and would not recognize the food as prey. If people stopped feeding the alligators, they’ll stop feeding upon our lunches!,” he commented, beneath the published video.

Vliet stated that the perfect thing to do would be to get your food and your outside blanket before running away, adding: “Get hold of the food to remove the gator’s temptation, and grab the outside blanket to save it from the gator’s messy table manners!”



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