The internet sensation who allegedly submitted herself to 50 surgeries to look like actress Angelina Jolie apparently digitally retouched some photos.

Jolie, Corps Bride Tabar
Angelina Jolie, Corps Bride and Sahar Tabar.

( — December 18, 2017) — Iranian woman Sahar Tabar became an overnight internet sensation after photos of her heavily distorted face vent viral. Allegedly, the woman submitted herself to a total of 50 aesthetic surgeries as she wanted to look like actress Angelina Jolie.

Now she looks like zombie, or does she?

According to the Russia Today report, at least some of the photographs on her Instagram account are clearly digitally retouched. RT’s Verification Unit has found two photos on Tabar’s account dated April 1 and April 2. The visual difference on those two photos, however, is a bit too much for a day in a surgery, possible only Photoshop or similar image editing software. The Unit also found an image of Tabar from November 30 that looks less distorted than the one from April.

There is some clear evidence that photos of Tabar have been digitally tampered with, however, it is confirmed that she idolizes Angelina Jolie and that she had numerous surgeries to look like the famous actress.

There are numerous cases of people who undergo plastic surgeries to look like someone else, or something else. A man in the US has dedicated his life to looking like a real-life Ken doll, while there is a woman who had a surgery to look like Barbie. It may never be clear who late pop star Michael Jackson wanted to look like, but surgeries that change physical appearance are always the subject of heavy debates.

Tabar – who is either 19 or 22, according to conflicting reports, allegedly lost more than 80 pounds and tweaked her face more towards Corpse bride, a popular animated character that features a romantic view on the dead.

Sparking debates on the internet Tabar also drew a lot of criticism from people who called her “stupid” and “scary.”

If the idea was to attract attention to monetize on the story, Tabar is far from stupid. Her Instagram account gained more than 60.000 followers in just one day. With the right advertising advice, she could be financially set for life, but was this the main idea or this is just a spark in a galaxy of human stupidity? At the end, after the world forgets about Tabar, she will be left alone to wonder was this worth it.