Geopolitical analytics portal reports the alleged CIA’s prediction that within next 6 years the EU will dissolve into three parts: Old, New and Orthodox.

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The CIA allegedly predicts the EU will break down by religion and economy to Western - "Old" , Eastern "New" and "Orthodox" EU.

(— November 3, 2018) — Within the next six years the EU will split into three parts – Old Europe, New Europe and Orthodox Europe, Stratfor, the EU’s geopolitical analytics portal reports the alleged CIA prediction.

Geopolitical facts such as strengthening of Poland and Romania through a strategic partnership with America, the rise of Turkey as a regional force and the weakening of German influence in Europe suggests that the CIA may be correct in predicting that the European Union is heading to an inevitable break down that would tear it into logical separate divisions by economic strength and religion.

According to a prediction the Western block, or “old Europe”, would consist of Germany, France, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

The “New Europe” group would encompass mostly countries that were once part of the Warsaw Pact –  Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. With these being the countries that would host the main US military bases in Europe.

Already almost a decade ago, the CIA predicted that entering of Balkan countries into the European Union would not be possible due to the mayor crisis that was already shaking the Union.  It was anticipated that Serbia, along with other Balkan countries, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Romania would be among the “Orthodox countries” group, Stratfor reports.

This analysis, however, has a major flaw because it predicts that Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania would belong to the Orthodox European group but this prediction shows an elementary lack of understanding of the Balkans. For example, Bosnia couldn’t survive this scenario and would divide into three parts: The Republika Srpska (the Serbian entity in the Bosnian Federation) would join with the Republic of Serbia, the Croatian part would join Croatia and the Muslim part would be isolated and unfit to survive economically and would act as Turkey’s protectorate.

Also, Serbia would never cease in its efforts to reclaim its southern province of Kosovo which unilaterally proclaimed independence in 1999 mentored by the US. It is more likely that this territory would rip in two halves: the one with the Serbian population would join Serbia and the other with Albanian population would join Albania. In Serbian media there are talks of a territory swap with Kosovo’s government because there are more regions in Southern Serbia populated with a majority of Muslim Albanians accounting for more than 90% of the local populace.

Although there are Orthodox Christians in Albania, it is highly unlikely that Greece would form any alliance with Albania. Actually, the tensions between the two countries have never been higher after Albanian police killed one Greek who mounted a Greek flag on his house.

Stratfor referred to the alleged CIA’s prediction that it would be difficult for the EU to return to its former unity, and even if it survived, it would function more fragmentary rather than in unison. It is stated that “the diversity of systems and demographic changes in Europe lead the EU into a state of tension, which gives little hope for the survival of its institutions, which is a factor of deterrence from multinational solutions, at the expense of an increase in nationalist tendencies.”

The economic decline of Europe can also be attributed to the aging of the Old Continent, which, as predicted by the CIA, affects not only the loss of the power of the EU as a “world player”, but also affects the fate of NATO, and other generally old military alliances.

It has long been recognized that the face of Europe has been dramatically changed by migrants, especially from Muslim countries. Even a decade ago, the CIA predicted that the Muslim population in Europe would increase from 22 to 37 percent by 2025, which could further increase tensions on the Old Continent.

According to Stratsfor, the CIA also predicted that US relations with Europe will be “dramatically different” by 2020, apparently, due to the new head of the White House, Donald Trump. This, as they foresee, will result in a deviation from the institutions we have been accustomed to since World War II.

In the same prediction NATO could be weakened and possibly even replaced by a different European architecture in the field of defense – the EU military, while the US dominated NATO would remain in the “New” Europe. Russia would naturally strengthen its already strong influence in “Orthodox” Europe.