Above The Cloud, a division of Admin To Go Business Solutions has announced expansion of their cloud-based bookkeeping & admin services across Canada

(Newswire.net — October 21, 2015) Milton, Ontario — Above The Cloud, a division of Admin To Go Business Solutions, with offices based in Vancouver and now Toronto, are pleased to announce that they’re now offering their services across Canada.  Above The Cloud is a professional bookkeeping and business consulting service provider.  In the past, their clients have been in Vancouver, Toronto and the surrounding areas and due to cloud technology and the ability to reach more clients, they are now welcoming clients from anywhere in the country.

We asked Kathryn at Above The Cloud to explain to us briefly what the company does. “Many owners of small to medium sized businesses don’t have the time to both grow their business and handle their bookkeeping, payroll and all of the other administrative tasks that are required.  They get caught up in the day to day instead of the big picture which may be to grow their business, be the best that they can be in their industry or have a better life balance.   In addition to that, they may not have the necessary resources or capacity to store their data securely or are concerned about it being outside of Canada. That’s where we come in.  At Above The Cloud we provide bookkeeping for different business sectors and we also offer cloud based solutions that keep information secure and within Canada.  Whether they want to use our services to do the payroll, all of their bookkeeping or be their Accounts Receivable, we have the capacity and the systems in place. They don’t have to worry about their data being breached or unauthorized parties having access to financial records. We have taken careful steps to ensure that security is of the utmost priority.”

Above The Cloud offers more than just professional bookkeeping and administrative services – they offer convenience.  Clients can access their files from their desktops if they wish to. In fact, if a client wants to do their own day to day data entry they can; Above The Cloud will review and ensure everything is tied up at the end of the month. They also offer support that ranges from administrative to senior management. And, they have a Bag and Box division that is dedicated to clients who need to have papers organized.  According to Kathryn, many new and sometimes overwhelmed clients first come to them with heaps of paperwork that needs to be organized in order to do the bookkeeping.  They sort it all out, do any catch-up bookkeeping and start them on a much easier path moving forward. 

When a client begins working with Above The Cloud, the first thing they do is discuss in detail what their current process is, what they are looking for and what they need.    This is so that they can personalize a package for them – there is no one size fits all solution as different clients have different needs. After the assessment, their account is then assigned to a highly vetted bookkeeper or other professional who will be responsible for their file going forward.  In fact, an important part of their service is that the same person works on their account to ensure personalization and consistency. Clients who have queries or concerns can contact their bookkeepers directly to ask questions or get updates or request services at any time.


Also an important mention here too is that there are no lengthy contracts to tie a client in.   Accounts are on a month-to-month basis paid on the 1st with a 30-day notice is all that is required.   

You can find out more about Above The Cloud Bookkeeping at http://www.abovethecloudbookkeeping.ca

About Above The Cloud, a division of Admin To Go Business Solutions

Above The Cloud is a Canadian based professional bookkeeping and business consulting services provider serving clients Nationwide across Canada with offices in Toronto, Mississauga, and Vancouver.

Above The Cloud, a division of Admin To Go Business Solutions

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