BuildSavings is offering rebate and zero down payment plans that allow homeowners to pay for energy and water efficient products over time.

Build Savings
Build Savings

( — August 21, 2015) Van Nuys, California –BuildSavings, a company that installs money- and energy-saving improvements to homes, is offering a way for homeowners to pay over time for water and energy efficient products that reduce bills and positively impact the environment.  The company is introducing a zero down payment plan that allows homeowners to take up to 20 years to pay for water or energy saving products that lower bills.  This plan makes it possible for many homeowners to enjoy the benefit of energy savings without a large outlay of cash.

These products, as seen at, include drought tolerant landscaping, artificial turf, drip irrigation, gutters and rainwater management, weather-resistant painting and window installation.  Homeowners can find solutions to save water and energy and lower their bills, in many cases by enough money to pay for the improvements themselves quickly.  This allows homeowners to save money for many years to come, even after the improvements are paid for.

The rebate and zero-money-down systems work by allowing homeowners to channel the savings they get from their taxes or from their local authorities into a down payment on their purchasing and installation charges for their chosen improvements.  The money that would normally be refunded to them by state, local or federal agencies becomes the down payment and lowers the overall cost of installation. 

The customer then has an easy payment plan to pay for the balance, often for up to 20 years.  There is no prepayment penalty, so customers can use their savings to pay for their improvements more quickly, as well, ultimately enjoying the financial benefits of their new energy-saving items for a longer period of time.  

For more information on how homeowners can save money, enjoy better energy savings and help the environment, see the BuildSavings website.

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Build Savings is a compay that provides better ways to finance money-saving home improvements.

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