The Amazon vendor, BeautyBuddy’s, has released a new product called extra-large outdoor blanket. Launched exclusively on Amazon.

Extra-Large Outdoor Blanket
Extra-Large Outdoor Blanket

( — August 17, 2015) Cape Girardeau, MO — Busy family-oriented people are now being offered an extra-large blanket by BeautyBuddy’s that they say can be ideal for various occasions. According to the company, each blanket can be purchased with varying unique striped pattern colors including blue and white, gray and white, and orange and red, and more. Additionally, they pointed out that the outer top layer is made from 100% soft fleece.

BeautyBuddy’s highlighted that they designed the blankets with soft fleece material that is capable of providing maximum comfort to anyone, for sitting or lying down. They boasted that the material is specially made to not cause skin irritations, making it a prime choice for people who may suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.

They announced that their extra-large outdoor blanket is very versatile, purporting that they may be used for many outdoor activities. They suggested that the blanket can primarily serve as a picnic mat and pointed out that its large size of 50 X 58 inches makes it appropriate to spread on grass or a picnic table for family outings.

The company provided a number of ways in which the blanket can be used.  They suggested that the extra-large outdoor blanket can function as a blanket for beach outings and can be used to hold beach items such as a cooler, food and towels as well as to keep sand from getting on clothes or the items they carried.
The company also commented that customers can even purchase the extra-large outdoor blanket to lay on the surface of their lawns at barbecues and family gatherings or to be used as outdoor mats for travel, sports and when persons go to outdoor concerts and events.

They highlighted that not only is the extra-large outdoor blanket large in size and suitable for a variety of functions but it is also highly portable. Even though it is large, the blanket can fold to 12 inches in length, about the size of a purse, making it easy to carry anywhere.

BeautyBuddy’s stated that their extra-large outdoor blanket is highly suitable for outdoor activities since it features a waterproof backing which provides a cushion against wet surfaces that is a common problem while outdoors. 

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