Innovative American author Ron Rael announces the release of his new book, “The Reluctant Leader,” a business parable that teaches strong leadership through experiences and transforming actions.

Ron Rael
Ron Rael

( — August 18, 2015) –Ron Rael, a seasoned executive and trainer, has previously published 17 books on leadership for financial and other professionals on how they can be the best in their leadership role. Since 1988, Rael has been assisting people in developing their leadership skills. Now, the author is using a story format to share real life experiences in the business world, while teaching others how to solve the problem of people who are unwilling to lead with his newest book, The Reluctant Leader: Own Your Responsibility with Courage. The book launched in the U.S. on July 12th, 2015.

“Every individual has the capacity to lead. “My goal with this book is to help improve leadership within organizations and small businesses,” Rael explained.

“Even if you do not currently define yourself as a leader, you most likely have a desire to make a difference, something that all true leaders aspire to do. This book is designed to rekindle your desire to make a difference as well as empower you into growing from a Reluctant Leader into a competent and courageous one. It will encourage you to become someone of note who owns the obligation to fill the world with competent influencers for today and tomorrow.”

Rael went on to explain that his main goal for the new book is to teach companies how to build a leadership culture where there is an abundance of people willing to serve.

The Reluctant Leader is a fable about Joslyn, a fictitious CEO who is about to be fired from her job due to the negative impact she is having on her company as well as its employees. Facing the humiliation of being demoted or even terminated, Joslyn must go on an inner journey to find the leader within. The chaos Joslyn is creating for herself, however, is harming her health and the relationships she needs.

“As you read it, you might not be able to anticipate what comes next, because that is how real life operates.” said Ron.

Her leadership coach capitalizes on Joslyn’s self-created drama to help her transform herself from reluctant to inspirational.

The book is available in print format on Amazon. To learn more about The High Road Institute visit the website at

About Ron Rael: Mr. Rael is a leadership coach and consultant. He is the author of eighteen books, and a keynote speaker to companies on leadership. The Reluctant Leader is his first business parable book about real life situations in business.



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