In under 12 months of trading, the vehicle garbage can by Freddie and Sebbie has received 159 positive evaluations from their clients on the Amazon Marketplace.

car garbage can
car garbage can

( — January 6, 2016) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — According to the Amazon Marketplace description, the car trash can by Freddie and Sebbie measures in at 12″ length x 10″ depth x 7″ width, while solid sidewalls have been incorporated in order to avoid it from collapsing in on itself. Speaking at a recent press conference, Freddie and Sebbie co-director, Neil Speight, offered mention to the automobile garbage can, which he said was soon to become one year old on the Amazon Marketplace.

Neil said: “Keeping the vehicle clean, neat and mess free can be a small issue if kids are present, so size was the main issue for the Freddie and Sebbie design group, prior to finally being launched on in February of this year. The entire trash bin is leak-proof, so that car seats and carpets are safeguarded from spills and spots. Rather than tossing bottles, papers and food wrapping onto the floor or car seat, unwanted items can be easily placed into the substantial trash can, which is always at arms reach.”

The co-director likewise explained that the car trash can had been created to fit most automobiles. He added: “It can be fitted either on the front or the back of a car seat, at the top or bottom. The bin is guaranteed to stay in place firmly, preventing an accidental tipping, and the strewing of garbage all over the vehicle floor. It is in fact extremely simple to set up, and removing the contents when full is simply a concern of changing the plastic liner for a new one.”

The leak-proof car trash can by Freddie and Sebbie presently has a 4.7 star rating on the Amazon Marketplace, originating from an overall of 169 verified evaluations, who in between them have given 94% favorable feedback. In an evaluation published this week, A.C states in a 5 star review: “I simply love this garbage can! I’m the sort of person who loops a plastic bag around a stick, so just imagine the garbage pushed into the door pockets… Stuffed! This has made it so simple to keep my automobile clean & neat! Fantastic concept & product!”

More information about Freddie and Sebbie’s vehicle garbage can is seen on their exclusive Amazon storefront, in addition to ratings of verified vehicle trash can reviews. The Nevada based business likewise offers an insight to their complete accessory variety on the site,



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