The organization threatens to digitally attack everyone involved in the Assange arrest, from CIA and Trump to officers that arrested Assange.

Security of Ecuador embassy in London tossing out Julian Assange where UK police wait to arrest him.
Security of Ecuador embassy in London tossing out Julian Assange where UK police wait to arrest him. Photo Ruptly YouTube video screenshot

(— April 12, 2019) — The hacker organization who call themselves “Anonymous” threaten to digitally attack everyone involved in Julian Assange’s arrest, from CIA and Trump to officers who carried the WikiLeaks founder out of the Ecuador embassy.

Julian Assange was arrested in the Ecuador embassy after Ecuador revoked the asylum they were giving him under tremendous pressure of the US. The WikiLeaks founder was carried out from the embassy while screaming that US President Trump’s pressure led to his arrest.

In a new video published by AnOn News, the hacker organization Anonymous called for radical street demonstrations in London, same as the ‘yellow vest’ demonstrations in Paris, pointing out that the “current revolution brewing in France and other parts of the developed world show us that the governments can bend to the will of the people.”

The organization promised to digitally attack everyone involved in Assange’s arrest, from the CIA and the US President Donald Trump down to the British officers who carried out the arrest.

“Every single powerful person who has signed off on this order should be shaking in their boots, because the force of the internet is about to be unleashed upon them,” a masked person with an altered voice said in their released video. “All the way from the CIA, the President of the United States, and down to the arresting officers that carried Assange out of the embassy, you have all exposed yourselves as enemies of the people and it is time for Anonymous to act accordingly.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is discussing on whether Assange is a traitor or a real journalist.

“Well, I think to compare this with journalism is unfair to journalism as it was practiced in generations,” attorney and political strategist John Jordan told Russia Today’s Richard Sanchez. “Real journalists work very hard, work multiple sources to painstaking research, to build a story and present both sides to the reader.”

In response to Jordan’s comment the author and investigative journalist Max Blumenthal replied that nothing WikiLeaks reported was inaccurate and was backed by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

“As sourcing, I also point to a statement by one of the Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson who warned that US elite would become like a wolves pack praying on the poor, and that the public deserved information about the machinations of that pack of wolves, and that’s what Julian Assange has giving to us through the sheer craft of publishing factual information,” Blumenthal argued.

Media reported about the tremendous pressure Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno was put under to revoke the asylum given to the WikiLeaks founder who stayed in his nation’s consulate in London for years. However, RT’s Richard Sanchez cited sources close to Moreno that arresting Assange is a pure business deal in which Donald Trump promised to by oil from Ecuador and to erase some of the country’s debt to the US.

Answering Sanchez’s question, Jordan said that Ecuadorian President Moreno said that Assange violated international norms and also was in violation of house protocols as “he wouldn’t bathe for days, he ate with his hands, he wiped food all over himself and he smeared feces on the wall.”

In response to Jordan’s comment, Blumenthal said he “hasn’t heard anything about feces wiped on walls” but he knows that this is “an inevitable outcome of parliamentary coup” in which Assange’s originally protective president Rafael Correa was forced to give power to a new Ecuadorian president Moreno. Blumenthal argued that WikiLeaks tweeted documents that revealed Moreno’s “dastardly record of corruption.”

Julian Assange now awaits extradition to the US.