A Vancouver-based freight forwarding company surprised its blog readers by releasing a humorous list of cargo vehicle fuel economies expressed in smart cars per mile

New trucks are using an average of 11 smart cars’ worth of fuel per mile
New trucks are using an average of 11 smart cars’ worth of fuel per mile

(Newswire.net — December 27, 2015) , — AEN Logistics, a freight-forwarding company based in Vancouver, BC, had recently released a list of biggest gas guzzlers in transportation industry on their blog.

The article is a humorous comparison of miles-per-gallon vehicle economies expressed in the number of smart cars driving the same distance. To achieve that, the author simply took into account the straight-up MPG economy of a popular green car – a diesel version of smart for two, and then compared it to several popular modes of cargo transport.

However, a number of readers have expressed their disbelief at the varying fuel economies of the listed vehicles.

Some modes of shipping are hugely disproportionate in terms of fuel consumption (mind blown). I can’t help but think if costs of fuel extraction continue to rise, (and they will), I can see the airplanes being the first to go, at least as far as cargo goes,” wrote Sam, one of the readers of the AEN blog.

Among honourable mentions is the somewhat unorthodox cargo vessel – the Space Shuttle, which gains just a few feet of climb for what could be considered an equivalent of 1 US gallon of fossil fuel. This is accounted for a fully loaded Space Shuttle carrying cargo to the International Space Station.

A freight train, whose actual economy is somewhat surprising considering the amount of freight they typically carry is noted as the most efficient way to transport goods.

The complete list with additional pictures can be found at http://aenlogistics.com/general-interest/worlds-lowest-miles-per-gallon-vehicles/

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