A disturbing patent for hiding drugs, vitamins or vaccines in food particles can be applied without public knowledge.

Particles drawing
Graphic presentation of the patent under microscope. Photo. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20080044481A1/en

(Newswire.net— March 3, 2019) — It is not known if any food company is using it but the patent for hiding vaccines was registered over a decade ago, according to globalpossibilities.org.

Microparticles for Oral Delivery, the US patent application, US20080044481 A1, is one of the patents by Inventor Mordechai Harelwas, associate of Advanced BioNutrition Corporation from Columbia, Maryland. Filed in 2005, the patent implies the insertion of medicine and vaccines into invisible food particles. Would it be the right to assume that this technology is still not applicable? No one knows for sure.

The patent is described as a way in which particles can be used to transfer bioactive agents (nutrients, drugs, vaccines, antibodies, etc.), bacteria (for example, probiotic bacteria), smaller particles or other materials.

It is reported that the particles can be prepared and used as dry powder, emulsion, suspension and others, and are particularly useful for the transport of drugs, pesticides, nutrients and vaccines. The particles may contain material of a maximum dimension of 5,000 micrometers.

It is also noted that when used as food components, the particles are invisible and undetectable by the user.

Among the many compounds found by the inventor as being compatible with these micro particles, there is also a medicine called zidovudine. It is a drug used to treat patients suffering from AIDS, and it should be mentioned that it works by eliminating the ability to replicate cells.

Activist John Rappaport claims he may have found proof that the patent is already in use. On the BioNutrition company’s website, we find a link to a scientific paper co-authored by Roger Drewes, who became the company’s chief science officer in 2010 (“A novel targeted delivery technology for protecting sensitive bioactive compounds…”)” Rappaport writes.

When comparing the information in this paper and the abstract of the 2005 patent, there is an incredible similarity that indicates that the 2005 patent was actually implemented five years later.

Indeed, such content must be indicated on the food product declaration so that the public knows what they ingest and allow into their own organism.

“Are we looking at zero informed consent to be treated, in food, with medicines and vaccines? Zero knowledge on the part of the public? Zero accountability? Nothing on the food labels? If this is happening to the population now, the word “stealth” only begins to describe it” Rappaport wrote.


Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00108178-activists-fear-of-hidden-vaccines-in-food-particles.html