With the Mueller investigation finished, US media turns to actor John Travolta who visited Moscow and met with Russian officials.

John Travolta with his family
John Travolta on his way to the Bravo classical Music Awards at the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow, with sister Ellen, daughter Ella and sister Margaret. Photo: John Travolta Twitter

(Newswire.net— March 25, 2019) — The report on alleged US president Trump’s collusion with Russians is finished and has been presented to the Department of Justice. Conclusion – there was no collusion. The US media, however, keeps the story alive by introducing a new suspect – actor John Travolta.

The movie industry icon and airliner pilot John Travolta traveled to Moscow recently to attend the musical award ceremony at the famous Bolshoi Theatre. The Daily Beast reports that the Hollywood star engaged in a friendly chat with some Russian officials and wondered if there is a possible treachery on the horizon.

Under the title stating “Why is John Travolta palling around with Putin’s cronies in Russia?” The Daily Beast reported that “Travolta did everything just the way the Kremlin wanted him to.”

Portraying Travolta as a prominent member of the Church of Scientology the report cited the actor who praised Russian cultural heritage.

“The culture in Russia is deep and varied, from Dostoyevsky to Nureyev, Russia has the best music, ballet and avant-garde artists,” the actor told Russian national television adding that he and his mom were fans of the Stanislavsky method of acting.

By saying that he “adores” Russian culture, John Travolta was marked as suspicious by the liberal news site. The Daily Beast noticed Travolta has met with Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov to whom he said that “ordinary Americans” hold a positive attitude towards Russia, despite the best efforts of US media.

Based on now-infamous ‘Steele Dossier’ The Daily Beast promised readers that Muller is “connecting the dots” that will unquestionably put a spotlight on Russia’s role in electing Donald Trump as US president in 2016. After the Muller report finished, the Daily Beast, is just determined to “keep the party going, even after everyone else has long since gone home,”  Russia Today reports.


Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/news/00108658-a-which-hunt-continues-us-media-spotlighted-hollywood-star-for-colluding-with-russians.html