Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal each offer a different but fascinating experience to the nightlife loving traveler.

( — November 25, 2015) — Canada is a beautiful country filled with miles upon miles of incredible landscapes and wilderness. It’s also home to a number of multicultural cities that are vibrant with nightlife and other exciting activities. There are bustling bars, lively clubs, gastronomical restaurants and a whole host of events and festivals to enjoy.



It might be smaller than most of the other cities in our list however the capital city of Ottawa is still awash with plenty of night-time activity. It’s filled with bars, clubs and pubs all vibrant with party-goers, music lovers and those looking to get down and dance till the early hours. Each of the best spots around is in mere walking distances of each other and even if you get bored and want to move on it’s a short trip across the river to Quebec where the night just keeps on going.



The legal drinking age in Montreal is just 18 so if you’re young and travelling to the vicinity looking for a good night out and the chance to enjoy a few sensible drinks then this could be city for you. It’s a buzzing nightlife with clubs that serve right into the early hours so you’ll be able to dance the night away. Montreal is definitely a party town after dark and from its many multi-level bars and club complex there are plenty of places to pick from.



Toronto is right up there as one of the biggest and best cities in the country for night time entertainment. There are a number of casinos in and around the city on offer that you can enjoy, or alternatively, if you’re content staying in a fabulous hotel in the heart of the city then you may just want to enjoy the latest online slots at Royal Vegas Canada from the convenience of your mobile device instead. But for those seeking a little more of an exciting evening out will find many great vivacious and energetic venues to enjoy themselves.



Edmonton’s very own West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America. But this city in Alberta is much more than just a giant hub for shoppers. Aside from its bars and clubs the city often hosts a number of other annual festivals and events including the arts and cultural Fringe festival held every August.



Vancouver is abundant with pubs and bars and an impressive club scene for night owls looking for some lively night life. Not as vigorous as some of Canada’s other great club cities there are plenty of venues that are a little more chilled out and laid-back, ideal for those looking for more of a relaxed yet sociable night out. Some of the city highlights and the best areas to check out are Downtown, Yaletown and even Granville Street.